Thursday, 12 June 2014

Brazil World Cup Vs. Protesters

Brazilians are protesting for better quality of life in education, health, housing, transportation and dignity even as the World Cup gets underway. From Sao Paulo to Rio to Salvador to Brasilia (the capital of Brazil) and beyond, people of all ages continual to clash with police to demand the government the state, national and local to fully listen them. The protests have been ongoing for over two years and more. The protesters see the hypocritical contradiction between spending billions on a sport tournament like the World Cup while the needs of citizens have long been ignored. As with all world cups and any expensive, attention grabbing sporting event, the host countries suffer from financial debt, housing destruction and family displacement by multibillion dollar stadiums and housing for visiting international athletes meanwhile the poor and working residents are pushed into the shadows for three weeks for the rest of the world to momentarily end their worry about inequality to enjoy a beautiful game or tournament.

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Police clash with protesters


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