Saturday, 28 June 2014

Cartoons on the World Cup


The following cartoons below are drawn by Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff. Nation wide protests against the government are still ongoing even with the World Cup coming towards the final in the next three weeks. While football is a passion and has  the whole world literally jumping up and down for its favorite teams and players, still social problems exist across Brazil. Transport workers, students, children and women living in the middle class and poorer cities and areas of same venues where the matches are being pelted and beaten by police. Far from the cries of goool and ole in the fanaticos del futbol filled stadiums, ordinary Brazilians do not see or live the benefits of hosting the World Cup. The event has been more of a headache and pain for people who have seen their homes bulldozed, their neighborhoods cast aside to make way for what each hosting city sees as much needed tourism and tourists. Not to mention the hundreds of people who have been sent prison for protesting police Brutality and government. Enjoy

Goool! Money or plata 

Diego Maradona, Argentina and the world's best footballer comments on la copa and ordinary Brazilians who can't afford to participate at the expensive World Cup venues in their own backyard. 

The Brazilian government attempts to quiet dissident with the event

Brazilian gauchos and the World Cup mascot Bagual

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