Saturday, 28 June 2014

Takfiri cultural destruction, Iranians in solidarity with Iraqis

Iranians gathered earlier today to show their support and solidarity with the Iraqi people during a rally attended by women, men and children. Like Syria and Iraq, Iran is against any type of victory or aggrandizement by ISIS.

Muslim Clerics speak out against Takfiri ideology

The ISIS takfiris have chased away the Iraqi army from important Iraqi cities such as Kirkuk and Mosul which have large populations of over 500,000 people each. Kirkuk also has large oil fields that the Kurds do not want to loose to the unstable Baghdad government. The autonomous Kurdish government in Iraqi Kurdistan has been wrestling with the national government to intergregate Kirkuk into the autonomous Kurdish region in hopes of using oil revenues to boast the economy. Iraqi Kurdistan was granted autonomy by Anglo-American occupation forces following the Invasion of Iraq and dismantlement of Iraqi government and Baathy party.

Iraqi Kurds in full control of Kirkuk as Iraqi army flees

Iran has been observing the blitzkrieg strides ISIS has taken to pressure the Baghdad government. Meanwhile triumphant Takfiri militants have literally been destroying centuries old cultural heritage sites in Mosul. Among them are the  Philopsher's tomb, statues of Abbasid era poet Abu Tamam, 19th century Iraqi musician Othman al Mousuli and  and  other cultural figures related to Mosul and Iraqi history. The destruction follows in the same manner in Iraq as other ignorant, self proclaimed "righteous" Takfiris have done in Mali and Libya by destroying the country's priceless monuments to Sufis, local saints, renowned poets and philosophers. Takfiris continue to justify their destruction of hertiage sites by decrying them as apostasy. Even Al Qaeda has already condemned their destruction despite being just as ruthless as ISIS. As it has been said over again, the Takfiris destroying human lives and cultural hertiage in Syria and Iraq do not and never have represented Islam or its creed nor do they speak for the world's 1.3 billion Muslims. Just as the extremist Christians, Christian Zionists, Jewish terrorists or fascists do not represent the 1.5 billion of Christians. The irony of destroying intellectual culture and heritage has become a repeated tragedy whenever the Takfiris attack and capture a town. UNESCO has both condemned the attacks and urged Iraq to protect its hertiage both national and local from farther damage. Iran has offered to help defend another magnum opus of cultural significance and religious precedent, the holy site of Imam Hussein mosque and Shrine in Karbala that is visited by millions of Shia from neighboring Iran and across the world yearly. The Pilgrimage to Karbala is far smaller than the annual Hajj to Mecca and Medina but it is just as important and prominent as the 2 million + people journeying Hajj. Occurring around Ashura, the pilgrims visit the shrine in honor of Imam Hussein or Husayn who was martyred during the Battle of Karbala during the early rise of Islam in 7th Century Iraq. The continual violence in Iraq and Syria has all but frustrated the US whose Operation Iraqi Freedom did little to nothing to bring the storybook fairytale of Iraqi Democracy to fruition in Iraq. Now the Takfiris are gaining ground in both countries to the embarrassment of America.

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