Thursday, 24 July 2014

15 killed, 200+ wounded by Israeli bombing UN school sheltering civilians

Does chasing Hamas ever justify bombing innocent children and women who were sheltering for safety inside a UN school? 15 people among them children and women were killed and another 200+ people wounded. The Palestinian paramedics and ambulances have been rushing back and forth from one end of town to the next to carry the wounded and dead to Gaza's main general hospital  Al Shifa in Gaza City and Al Aqsa hospital in Central Gaza. Still Israeli officials places the blames for these deaths squarely on Hamas when it is beyond obvious that the Israeli military purposely targeted the school. Saying it was being used by Hamas to store weapons but there are no weapons at the school and 215+ people were trying to protect themselves. The mainstream media journalists and pundits do not see anything wrong with Israel bombing a UN school full of civilians mainly families. Bombing schools and houses in Gaza and any war zone constitutes a war crime. The war is taking a psychological toll and trauma on Gazan children who are just as terrorized as their parents and other adults.

UN School strike kills 15, injures 200+

PS This is not the first time Israel bombed civilians especially children sheltering for safety at a UN compound. It previously bombed the city of Qana, Lebanon twice killing children in 1996 than again 2006 during the Lebanon-Israel war. Both bombings are known as the first and second Qana massacres.

RT Breaking the Set: Myth of Hamas' human shields in Gaza

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