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Did anyone lived in Palestine prior to Israel's creation

Safad, Palestine 1946 two years before Israel's creation. The town in the Galilee is the hometown of the current Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas

The article below was originally published by Washington's Blog and reposted at Global Research. It's been reposted to be shared here debunking the Zionists' biggest myth and lie that Palestine as a country did not exist prior 1948. If the case was so than someone should tell the Egyptians, Roman Empire, Umayads and Islamic caliphatesCrusaders, Ottoman, Napoleon and the European colonialists that their geographers, historians, economists and authors among them Mark Twain had the wrong name or that the history books and even the bible should've called Palestine something else. The other name used for Palestine was the Holy Land.

African Palestinian community in Jerusalem

Did anyone lived in Palestine prior to Israel's formation?

Many claim that no one lived in Palestine prior to the formation of the state of Israel. Indeed, Israel was sited in Palestine under the slogan:
“A land without a people for a people without a land” ….
But the history of Palestine is much more complicated:

History of Israeli Palestinian conflict by American Journalist Alison Weir

The claim that no one lived in Palestine is undercut by this video footage shot in 1896

And any implication that there was no place called Palestine is undercut by this travel advertisement from the 1940s

You can see the prices for round trips and one ways to Palestine err Israel have changed very little in the last 70 years, :)

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