Saturday, 19 July 2014

Gaza: A War against children

Four little boys were killed while playing football on the beach in Gaza a few days ago. Children are currently being rushed to hospital for minor to critical injuries from the daily bombings carried out by Israel by air, sea along Gaza's Mediterranean coast and now by ground as Israeli forces are shooting knock on the roof warning bombs on suspected rocket launchers' houses. Families have lost children, women and men including extended families with relatives and elderly. Altogether some 270+ Palestinians many who are civilians have been killed in the past week and half. The mainstream media, Israel first supporters and pundits of Zionist exceptionalism give a nod and blink to Israel's overused and abused line of self defense when dealing with Gaza and Hamas rockets. Without question or reminding the world of how many times Israeli ground invasion violates even in the basic principles of international law, Geneva Accords, Israel's own local laws on civilians' rights to safety and security and children who are caught in military's advanced weaponry of chaos. The dangerous precedent it is setting for other countries who are taking a page from Israeli army's play book. Netanyahu continues to shout that Israel has a divine right (almost) to defend itself that no other nation seems to understand.

The writing below was originally posted as a commentary here by Aan.
Israel has used a nonsensical logic to justify its treatment towards Gaza, Palestine and Palestinians. The logic that Palestinians are the default mega terrorists of the Middle East and monstrous tormentors of Israel. Never mind the brutal military occupation and the hundreds of time Israel has violated international law to maintain the illegal settlements and occupation on Palestinian lands. Because Palestinians are the ultimate terrorists in the eyes of Israel and Israel first "no matter what" supporters, somehow Palestinians deserve to be bombed or treated as subhuman collateral damage regardless if they are children, women or men who have nothing to do with Hamas, Fateh or any faction. According to the media pundits Palestinians deserve to have racist justifications for their pain thrown at them. "Palestinians want to die because they come from a culture of martyrdom," "Hamas uses people as human shields," "Palestinian mothers send their children to throw stones," "They are all terrorists" "They celebrate death and dance when people die," or "Gaza supports Hamas and should stop supporting terrorism if they want peace" as though everyone in Gaza is homogenous and thinks one way. Hamas isn't even popular in Gaza. But the pundits insists Israel has a carte blanche to use excessive military force to halt small rockets firing into Israel compared to the Iron Dome system Israel has installed. The mainstream media paints Gaza as a place full of mindless terrorists willing to commit death and destruction without considering the consequences. Israel blames Gazans for their children and neighbors being killed. The "Its your fault for putting your children and family in harms way" excuse to limit criticism towards the Israeli army and leaders. Rarely does the media portray Gazans as ordinary everyday people men, women and children who have lives, plans for the future, hopes and want their children to live in peace. While Israel cries it has no partner for peace. Palestinian children would disagree with the racist, nonsensical logic about them as future terrorists and not as children who will grow up to do great things that change the world.

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