Sunday, 20 July 2014

Global protests for Gaza against Israeli destruction

Protest against Israeli destruction of Gaza

France becomes the first country in the world to ban pro Palestinian protests


Manifestacion a favor de Gaza en Granada, Espana

People around the world are angry but are channeling their anger into world wide protests in solidarity, empathy and sympathy for the men, women and children who live in Gaza and across occupied Palestine. Palestinians in the West Bank have also been protesting against Israel's assault and what amounts to a war crime under international law and Geneva Accords. France has tried to ban Pro Palestine and Gaza protests in Paris and Marseille but French youth and people find ways around the ban. Riots have broken out between Gaza protesters and police in Paris and parts of Marseille. Israelis in Jerusalem burned dolls in front of the famed Yad Vesham Musuem in Jerusalem to protest the continual violence in Gaza and the deaths of 400+ civilians. Nearly 38+countries are protesting against Gaza's destruction led by ordinary citizens. In the United States, Americans both young and old have protested in front of Israeli consulates and embassies, demanding an end to Israeli bombing of Gaza, the unnecessary and undeserved US $3billion in military aid including destructive weapons to Israel and end to US support for Israel's crimes and brutal occupation in towns like Monterey, a "die-in" protest in Palo Alto, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, New York, DC and countless other cities. Ordinary people and citizens have already spoke countless times against the war, destruction and racism that prevails in occupied Palestine. The politicians are listening if only half halfheartedly.  Will they take concrete action to finally punish Israel for its longstanding violations of international law and human rights against Palestinian peoples' rights, dignity and fight for self determination?

Stop the war in Gaza and Palestine protest in the town of Monterey, CA, USA

Might always makes right?

The mainstream media and pundits on Palestine-Israel shake their heads in sadness reporting on the deaths of Palestinian civilians and understand the severity of Gaza's latest destruction. However, they do not stop to question why a densely populated place like Gaza where half the population is under the age of 25 years old and there are no bomb shelters only UN schools to protect the civilians is being pummeled with the latest, high tech military weapons including armor piercing bullets from tanks, white phosphorous and other chemical weapons from F-16 and Apache helicopters. Why are Israeli gunboats also bombing what little exist of Gaza's fishing ports and main port to the rest of the world? And 4 children playing football on a beach? There is no national Palestinian army that exists to defend Gaza in the same way that Israeli army has surrounded Gaza. Not even Hamas constitutes much of an army in the same way as Hezbullah was in 2006 Lebanon war. While the Israeli first supporters justify Israel's ground invasion and deaths by the fact that 13 soldiers were killed in Gaza among them 2 Americans thus Israel needs to continue defending itself until a stalemate is reached no mind to the civilians caught in death's destruction and have no army to protect them against the Israeli bombings. The brutal blockade against Gaza has continued for nearly 9 years bringing Gaza's formal economy to slow growth and allowing tunnels between Egypt and Gaza to flourish. Israel has condemn these life saving tunnels as terrorist routes and bombed them denying Gazans access to vital life essentials difficult to find in Gaza such as milk for children, limited school supplies, cloths and other necessities.

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