Thursday, 17 July 2014

Malaysian airline plane shot down on Ukraine-Russia border

In another shocking revelation, another Malaysian airlines plane has been met with tragedy once again. Malaysian Airlines #17 flying form Amsterdam, Netherlands to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was shot down on in Grabovo on the border between Ukraine and Russia in Eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014. Malaysian Airlines reported loosing contact with Flight#17. All 298 passengers on aboard did not survive the crash as the plane was shot out of the air. Some 154 Dutch, 1 Canadian, 11 British, 3 Filipinos, 38 Malaysian, 11 Indonesian souls were lost and are being recovered by local firegihters and volunteers securing the debris site. The Netherlands is in shock and mourning the lost passengers along with the world and Malaysia who has sent a team to console the families of the decease. Local people living in the crash area explained the gruesome scene hearing large explosions and bangs. Some even said they saw bodies falling out of the air as the plane was shot.

The Ukrainian president  Petro Poroshenko suggested the crash might be the work of terrorists. The FM even hinted that the government might've access to a phone conversation between the terrorists. Neither the Dontesk or Donbas Republic rebels, Ukrainian military or the neighboring Russian military across the border are declaring responsibility nor know who might've had access to missiles capable of downing a 777. The rebels from Dontesk Republic have denied responsibility saying they do not have high powered air to surface Buk missiles capable of bring any large airliner or military jet down. Putin has argued that the Ukrainian government should bear responsibility since the debris site is in Ukraine. It is still unclear who was responsible but already mainstream media channels and news magazines are hinting that either rebels or Russian Army itself might've shot the plane down by accident. Despite the reverberating implications on a geopolitical and diplomatic level, Russian officials have said it would be stupid to implicate Russia in an atrocious attack.

Civilians in a war zone's crosshairs

Eastern Ukraine is still a war zone with its small villages and major cities Slayvsnk and Dontesk being bombed by Ukrainian military attempting to push Donbas rebels back. Many civilians have been killed over the four month old war. Civilians many women and children are living in bomb shelters or have become internally displaced persons. Tens of thousands of Ukrainians have crossed into Russia for safety until the Ukrainian government halts bombing its own people.

Airlines diverted from Eastern Ukraine

Many European airlines flying over Ukraine had been advised and instructed to not fly over Eastern Ukraine by Eurocontrol, the EU air traffic control for continental flights. Most of the airlines have abide by the instructions and some airlines ie British Airways and American Airlines have completely avoided flying over Ukrainian airspace altogether. Local firefighters and volunters have been helping to secure the massive debris site. Bodies of the dead have been marked by white ribbons.

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