Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Palestine-Israel No Ceasefire and fears of Xenophobic attacks against Israeli Arabs

 Israel-Gaza conflict: No Truce both sides cite self defense

The UN has been calling for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Gaza. The UN has rightly condemn Israel's disproportionate force against Gaza and the destruction of civilian lives and critical infrastructure by the Israeli military arsenal. Egypt offered to sponsor a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. However both sides have rejected the Egyptian sponsored ceasefire citing their rights to defend themselves from rocket fire. Israel will use Hamas' rejection of the ceasefire agreement to further justify its Gaza attacks. Remember this conflict is not fought by equal sides in terms of military power, weapons and outside support. The rocket fire landing in Israel from Gaza pales in comparison to Israel's advanced and deadly weaponry often provided by US defense companies and corporations at the expense of American taxpayers. Israel first supporters see Israel's self defense as divine in its own right. Hamas is isolated in its vocal supporters outside Palestine who are also being muzzled to stop supporting its rocket fire. Hamas has received training and weapons from Iran and Syria who now has its own war and Takfiri terrorists to fight against. Palestinian civilians have been deemed by mainstream media in the West, Israel and in popular culture as the ultimate terrorists of the region. Sympathy and empathy for their suffering comes from ordinary people across the world from Lima and Buenos Aires to Capetown, London and Tokyo. However, among the politicians, pundits and journalists and defense junkies, Israel's might is forever right and Palestinians have brought their own suffering and deaths upon themselves.

War moves into the borders with Israel, Israeli Arabs fear Xenophobic attacks

Meanwhile within Israel itself, anti-Arab sentiment has been growing among ordinary Israelis and feed through mainstream media and public places by the irritate Israeli right wing. The Gaza rocketfire has increased the far right's visibility in public circles and in Israeli mainstream media. So much so, that Israeli Arabs or Palestinians living within Israel are afraid to walk alone at night to avoid being attacked by xenophobic Israelis both from the right and left of the political spectrum who are equally fed up with Gaza rocket fire. Since the recent rocket fire started only one Israeli has been killed on the border with Gaza while 200+Palestinian civilians many women and children as well as men have been killed by military weapons and home debris.

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