Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The people want an end to Gaza and Palestine's destruction

People are still protesting and demanding genuine justice and peace for Palestine and a return to respecting the rights, dignity and lives of Palestinians. Across the world from Mexico to Tokyo, Durban, South Africa to Russia and Barcelona the people have not let Israel's tired and illogical justifications for destroying and bombing Gaza get away from Israel being charged with outright war crimes. From students to adults to shaykhs and even parliamentarians, everyone has had enough of the latest massacre against the people of Gaza and by extension Palestine. A Third Intifada is brewing in occupied Palestine in West Bank and Jerusalem where Palestinian protesters fed up with seeing their countrymen die in the hundreds as unworthy victims of mainstream media continue clashing with Israeli occupation forces and police. This time around even the Israel First yes man journalists and pundits in Mainstream media channels CNN, NBC, ABC and can't ignore the pain and horror Gaza is witnessing. The camera can't trick the public any longer. Ken Penhaul ducked on camera during Israeli daytime bombing of media stations and apartment towers in Gaza City. A BBC cameramen and journalists dove to the ground during a filming of last week's ceasefire in a Gaza neighborhood. NBC journalist Ayman Mohyeldin witnessed the killing of four Gazan boys playing football on a beach. CNN journalist recorded for the world to see Israelis in Sderot shamelessly cheering the Iron Dome rockets slamming into Gaza. The people want an end to Palestine's destruction and Israel's 64 year old carte blanc to violate every UN Resolution and disregard International Law. It is ordinary people who years even decades ago recognized that Israel was being treated as a pampered, spoiled child whose parents have no control over the child's actions.

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Tel Aviv: A protest against Israeli attack on Gaza,



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