Wednesday, 23 July 2014

US Europe breaking backs for Israel


It shall come as little surprise to those who are familiar with the long time US/EU support Israel that Europeans and Americans have also joined the IDF to fight on behalf of Israel after immigrating to the country. From US to French citizens, Israel has lost not only native born soldiers in the recent Gaza war but also French and American and other European citizens.

Zion (Israel) or Bust, never mind the critics

Whe the FAA made the announcement yesterday that three American airlines would not be flying into Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv in response to a rocket landing near the airport, Israeli aviation officials and the leadership were livid. The former mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg flew into Tel Aviv last night just to make the point that Israel was safe and at least one American politician had its back in a physical sense.  This is the latest of many times travel warnings and red flags to Israel-Palestine has been raised. European airlines have also canceled their flights to Tel Aviv.

Daily Show: We Need to talk about Israel

Support for Israel both politically and militarily from the United States and Europe has been constant for 66 years now. Since 1948, the US has just about backed Israel up on everything it does from saving Israel's face from its various bombardments of its neighbors to vetoing every violation of International Law it commits against Palestinians, Lebanese and the wider Middle East. American and European guilt for not intervening in the earlier stages of Holocaust and for not halting the Nazi regime in Germany in the thirties or preventing the popularity of fascist regimes and societies in Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece and other countries, have been the general explanation for supporting Israel no matter how many times Israel regards itself to be above every law and treaty on Earth when it comes to fighting terrorism. Israel can do no wrong only its neighbors are held in contempt and condemn for terrorism, war crimes and excessive use of military force against its own citizens or neighbors. Than there is the biblical narrative that drives home deeper support for Israel even for Americans and Europeans who are not religious or secular. A biblical prophecy has been fulfilled by Israel's creation and existence many religious leaders, people and pundits will tell you when asked why Israel is important and its significance in Middle East. Israel, which was the name of Jacob in the Bible not originally name of the country of Israel than known in the bible as Canaan has also brought home the economic and military success to the media, schools, merchants of military industrial complex. In short, US and Europe need Israel more than the other way around to serve as a bulwark against the dangers in Middle East and by extension North Africa and East Africa. Both European and American politicians speak warmly of previous Israeli leaders Ben Gurion, Menachim Begin, Sharon, Ehud Olmert. Even Benjamin Netanyahu has been complimented by the media pundits and President Obama for handling the siutation although citizens of Europe and US see otherwise. Netanyahu is making his rounds to the Knesset for more military and financial support, stopping UN representatives and Security general Ban Ki Moon on Hamas uses of rockets, hiding it in tunnels, placing the blame for the 650+ deaths entirely on Hamas as though it has the advanced military weapons to bombarded Gaza and appearing at the White House and other media channels to share his views in English and Hebrew.

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