Sunday, 13 July 2014

Worldwide protests against Israeli attack on Gaza

70% of Gaza's dead are civilians and many children and families. Drawing by C. Latuff

People the world over have literally stood and protested for Palestinian rights and demand an immediate end to the bombing of Gaza and the Israeli occupation of Palestine.The justifications for bombing Gaza security, self defense by Israel that allowed it to escape criticism and responsibility for its actions is no longer acceptable and was never accepted by ordinary people. For every bombing and disproportionate force against Gaza and military might shown against Palestine people from literally across the world have shamed and called out Israeli government and military on its contradictory narrative of the misunderstood, perpetual victim trying to live in peace with its harassed neighbors. Ordinary people aren't having none of it with the story of the Israeli David against the Palestinian Goliath.

Worldwide protests against Gaza attacks

London protests against Gaza bombing

Miles de marroquis repudian ataques por Israel contra Gaza

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