Monday, 4 August 2014

Air Algerie crash Update: Investigation ends, victims accounted for

Nearly two weeks after Air Algerie Flight#5017 crashed near Goa, Mali, under bad weather, the Flight's victims have been accounted for and investigation is wrapping up. An international team of aviation investigators including Burkinabe officials and Malian army had immediate and easier access to flight 5017's debris site (compared to MH#17 site) despite its location in Mali's remote northern desert. All 116 passengers have been tallied by the investigators during their week long inspection and surveying of the wreckage. The two recovered black boxes are still being inspected and deciphered in France by speci8alists. The original total of 118 passengers was lowered after 2 people, one an ill passenger who canceled their flight and an Air Algerie flight attendant did not make on board. Both will be questioned as part of the investigation.

Among the 116 people were 20 Lebanese passengers part of an often overlooked, small but economically well off Lebanese Diaspora in Burkina Faso and West Africa. Now Lebanon is also strenuously awaiting the final conclusion of Air Algerie's final moments. Family members of the deceased in Lebanon have given DNA to help identify their relatives while waiting anxiously for their bodies to be returned to them.

Air Algerie Investigation wraps up

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