Saturday, 9 August 2014

Gaza, Days of Rage

The worldwide protests for Gaza and Palestine (freedom, self determination, dignity and respect for Palestinians' human rights and International Law) are beginning to match the worldwide condemnation and protests against 2003 Ango-American invasion of Iraq. If Israel, Israel firsters, the media pundits and yes man politicians, Zionists cheerleaders and AIPAC isn't listening to the people than who is the real guilty party here? Across the world its the ordinary people who are talking about halting arms to Israel and BDS Boycott Movement, Divestment and Sanctions on Israel. BDS would be justified for the amount of violations Israel gets away with when compared to other countries (think of Russia and Ukraine, the double standards are laid bare.) Boycott against Israel? It is justified for Israel's blatant violation of international law, war crimes in some instances. denial rights to the basic necessities of life for Gaza and the larger occupied Palestine not to mention its disregard for bombing its neighbors in the past and present. All done in the name of fighting terrorism under the banner of Israel's divine right to exist. Not to mention decades old calls by citizens to stop arming Israel who also stores a $1.2 billion stockpile of American weapons within its ill defined borders at the expense of American tax payers.

Miles de manifestantes piden "boicot al 'apartheid' de Israel" en todo el mundo

Message to  the women of Gaza from the women around the world

We Support Gaza from Malaysia


ILPS Philippines solidarity protest for Gaza


Toronto, Canada Protest for Gaza


Palestinian Canadian doctor trying to bring 100 wounded Gazans for treatment in Toronto



Protest in Dublin, Ireland

Washington, DC

Thousands march through Marsaille, France 

Defying an egregious ban on Pro Palestine support protests

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