Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Gaza in Our names

The UN is now probing Israel for war crimes it committed in Gaza throughout Operation Protective Edge. Israel is vehmentaly denied its actions as war crimes and even dismissed the UN's assertion for war crimes as a Kangaroo court.  Israeli officials are trying to equally level blame for war crimes on Hamas. The amount of infrastructural damages and some 1,900 human beings deceased in Gaza in no way matches Hamas' rocket fire and its minor infrastructure damage in Srderot and other neighboring cities. Once again Israel has put itself above International Law and the courts  and the world's public outcry against its crimes. Again, the UN and by extension the world has been accused of being Anti-Israeli while citizens seeking justice for Palestine are labeled as anti-Semitic. There is nothing Anti Israeli  or anti-Semitic about demanding an end to suffering of men, women and children in Gaza or calling for an overdue end for the illegal and brutal military occupation of Palestine. The Canadian law professor who is leading the UN probe into Israel's possible war crimes has dismissed the anti israeli charge as rightfully absurd. The war in Gaza has cost $5 billion damages and killed over 1,900 Palestinians many men, women and children and has destroyed 2 universities, 150+ mosques  and over 50,000 homes.

I am Israel: A documentary in words

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