Sunday, 17 August 2014

Humanitarian violence in Eastern Ukraine

Phantom and fantasies: Russia denies military convoy dressed as a humanitarian convoy

Eastern Ukraine has been bombarded and destroyed by Ukrainian army while the Kiev government blames Russia for the bombed apartment blocks and internally displaced Ukrainians moving from one end of the heavily shelled cities of Donetsk and Lughansk to a safer area. Russia has condemned 2000 civilians' deaths and have called for Ukraine and rebels to end the hostilities and for Ukraine to stop bombing its own people. Both Gaza and Eastern Ukraine have bore the brunt of technological military violence from a stronger national military claiming to fight in self defense and blame another nation for destroying the region and supporting separatist rebels. Food and water shortages and electric power cuts have made life in the Donbas region unbearable for families and children caught in the crossfire. Men, women and children including the elderly who escaped the horrors of World War II's destruction, have been forced from their homes to hide in underground shelters and basements since the streets have become unsafe and deadly. For several months, the Donetsk People's republic rebels have refused to halt the war in Eastern Ukraine that has transformed once thriving cities into ghost towns. Russia has hosted some hundreds of Ukrainian refugees from bordering villages inside Russia. Russia recently sent out a convoy of some 200+ humanitarian trucks in a Humanitarian aid convoy from Russia to the Donbas region. However, Ukraine has halted the convoy from reaching the region claiming that Russia is using the convoy as a disguise for a secret military incursion. Russia denies the charge. Western countries from France to Germany to US/UK have also backed up Ukraine's claim of Russian military aggression by condemning Russia's alleged troop movement along the Russian/Ukrainian border. The United Nations session a few weeks ago was treated to a round of Russia bickering with the US and other EU countries over its military accusation and the continual economic sanctions on Russia. Russia in turn has banned European Union food exports to Russia which includes well known food brands for a year. EU farmers especially in the agricultural dependent countries of Moldavia and Poland are gradually feeling the pinch from the food ban. Some EU countries feed on agricultural and petroleum trade with Russia for their economic growth. Russia continues to export vital petroleum and gas to EU countries despite the sanctions and bans.

Ukraine Crisis: Humanitarian convoy empty

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