Monday, 18 August 2014

National Guard going to Ferguson

Drawing by C. Latuff on Michael Brown's shooting and the powder Keg it sparked in Missouri, US.

Cellphone footage from the day Brown was killed featuring Darren Wilson has finally surfaced after a week of protests ranging from peaceful to chaotic. Now the National Guard is being ordered to Ferguson to help the police. No joke. Not since the 1960s has the national guard been deployed to halt riots or handle a protest across any city or town in the United States. The militarization of the police replaced the national guard and lightly armed riot police with the modern day SWAT teams in the late 1960s. Families and particularly children have been hit and caught up in the tear gas and smoke canisters during last night's protests. Residents of Ferguson and Brown's family view the chaos as a disservice to the peaceful, family orientated and justice seeking protesters who gathered on Sunday for non violent protests that went well into the night. The protesters have emphasized the least a mount of chaos as possible. Protesters have also come from neighboring states and further away from other states. No one knows how long it will take the national guard to arrive or how many troops. If such an action happens, many people across the U.S. will no doubt be nervous and anxious about the role of the actual military stepping in to stop local town protests. For older Americans who lived through the 1950s and 60s, it will revive memories of student protests, anti war/Vietnam movement, etc.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to send in the National Guard

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