Friday, 15 August 2014

Solidarity with Ferguson in New York and other cities

New York residents know police militarization and brutality for years. In all five boroughs, New Yorkers of color African Americans, Latinos and Arab Americans have been profiled and signaled out by police for small offenses. Stop and Frisk is alive and well in NYC. Two weeks ago another African American man and father Eric Garner died while placed in a chokehold by Staten Island police during an arrest for breaking up a fight. Its not just New York but San Francisco, Oakland, LA, Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore that has placed a curfew on unsupervised children for 9PM as it maintains a long standing curfew on city youth that affects African American children compared to other children. The city says its for the youth's own safety as Baltimore has faced similar economic slumps and degradation not far off from Detroit minus the crumbling factories.

Many people have converge on Times Square to show their solidarity with the people of Ferguson and pay homage to college bound Michael Brown who was gunned down by an unidentified white police officer on Saturday Aug 9, 2014. Since Brown's passing, the people of Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis, MO has witnessed some of the most excessive use of force by Ferguson police resembling of occupied Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq. The police officers had hurled abuse at the protesters calling them "f---ing animals" and highlighted looting that took place in the first few days of protest but the looting only lasted for a few days and did not represented the majority of the peaceful protesters made up of families and children. The Ferguson police had to be replaced by the lighter armed Missouri highway patrol from St. Louis County. Ferguson is calmer than last night when armed militarized police pointed sniper rifles at protesters chanting, "Hands up don't shoot," blasted tear gas, arrested and roughed up journalists and briefly viewed the peaceful protesters are some sort of enemy combatants or enemies within. The protesters have won support across  the country and around the world even receiving advice on how to avoid tear gas from Palestinians in Gaza and across occupied Palestine. The U.S. boasts about its exceptional freedom of speech, assembly and respect for human rights as its core values, the militarized police and seeing African Americans (men, women and children) as the frightening Other has showed the hypocrisy and double standards that continue to show a dark side to American Democracy and its jingoistic exceptionalism.

Times Sq shut down, Washington joins protest over Ferguson teen killing

Detenciones en Nueva York en la marcha de apoyo a Ferguson

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