Thursday, 28 August 2014

Vijay Prashad We need to talk about Libya

Vijay Prashad, the renown Professor of International Studies at Trinity College and a geopolitical analyst on the Global South, BRICS and non aligned nations, dissects the current militia filled chaos and war across Libya. Prashad is also the author of books, A History of the Darker Nations, Poorer Nations: A Possible History of the Global South, Arab Spring, Libyan Winter and Everybody was Kungfu fighting: Afro-Asian Connections and Myth of Cultural Purity.

Vijay Prashad NATO Bombing of Libya Led to Rise of Militias Now Fighting for Oil-Rich Land 
Video compliments of Democracy Now

The African country has been unable to recover from the NATO bombing and war in 2011 making it a failed state along the lines of Somalia or Afghanistan. Somalia has long represented the epitome of failed state despite attempts to elect a government that would represent all Somalis and the people's interests. Concerned Somali dissidents and diplomats have been working to return Somalia to calm, normalcy and stabilize the country permanently. Libyan militias like some Somali militias still battling in Mogadishu, want the people to see them as the heroes/victors of the 2011 war in Libya. The 250,000 militiamen belonging to some 1020+ militias from each Libyan city have refused to turn over their guns or join the national army at the expense of the people. Unsurprisingly, the massive caches of weapons have spoiled over Libya's borders into Tunisia, Egypt, Niger and Mali. Al Qaeda and other Takfiri groups have taken advantage of the rickety national government's limp hold on Tripoli, to fill the political vacuum in each of the self governed coastal cities. Benghazi and other eastern cities such as Derna and Tobruk, Takfiri militants and Al Qaeda have been battling against a combination of militias and pro Gaddafi supporters. In Tobruk and Derna, the Takfiris have  implemented stricter forms of Sharia. Libyan Parliament originally voted for a Sharia based legal system in late 2013. The takfiris have taken ISIS' success to declare a emirate in Benghazi to the dismay of local Libyans. Egypt and Qatar have threatened to bomb Libya if the takfiris and militias aren't placed under control. Libya's chaos affect all of its neighbors in multiple ways.

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