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Scotland and Catalunya fired up for independence votes

Groundskeeper Willie on Scottish Independence 

From the Simpson and Fox

Scotland has England and the UK home countries biting their nails nervously as the upcoming Sept 18th vote for Scottish independence is only three days away. Scotland gets the benefit of the doubt for already being recognized as an independent country by most of the world. When one thinks of Scotland, a rich history, culture, unique language and traditions come to mind. Same for Catalunya and Basque Country. Even if its officially according to British law part of the UK home countries. The UK doesn't have a written constitution so rules such as who can win sovereignty becomes vague and loopholes pop up. Westminster and Prime Minister David Cameron have tried to use economics to get pro Independence Scots to reconsider their monumental vote. Even the no independence movement titled, "Better Together" and yes or no debate on if Scotland should become independent or remain part of the UK has been used to discourage the possibility of a successful vote. Everything from Scotland will face an epic financial setback and currency issues to the economy will tank to "now is not the time has" been used as part of the unionist argument. The banks and UK wide corporations have threatened to move their headquarters and offices back to England. Scotland has oil, tourism, access to the sea and crucial waterways and is well respected by most of the world. The EU is also watching and scratching its head over Scotland's future relations with it as an EU member or an observer or a trading partner minus the membership benefits. It has been economics and financial crises that has revived interest in national and regional independence across Europe.

Euro Crisis: Seperatists Mounts

Whatever the answer will be most likely a resounding yes with some undecided and no independence decrying a re vote, one thing is clear, Scotland's Sept 18th vote will set a precedent for other separatist movements across Europe. Separatists and independence inspired groups in Northern Ireland and Wales, Catalunya, Basque, Sicily and Corsica are watching Scotland and the various arguments closely. Also the recent creation of a self proclaimed Dontesk People's Republic in Eastern Ukraine sometimes referred to as Novorossiya is also eyeing Scotland to use the "if they can so can we" clause for legitimacy. The media has been anxiously playing a guesstimate game of possible voting outcomes. The BBC has been running different travel programs and documentaries on Edinburgh and Scotland's overall importance to England and the wider UK. For 700 years, England and Scotland has had a cordial and rocky relationship. For 307 years they have been linked politically and economically by the Acts of Union. Cameron, the banks and defense ministry who have nuclear subs stationed in Scotland have tried to portray Scottish departure as an awkward farewell to being a home country and the creation of a ramp UK. Scotland along with Ireland and Wales were pulled into the UK or Great Britain in 18th century after a more powerful England and British Empire was consolidating itself into a single unified territory. The English flag was replaced by the Union Jack although each home country has its own flag is recognized as a symbol of their own national sovereignty. The Union Jack became the symbol of the new unified British isles and the separate peoples became known as British and occasionally Britons. Within England itself there are regional differences and some strong local separatist movements happening in Cornwall, Guernsey and Isle of Man who has its own flag.

Margaret Thatcher and the Scots

The UK and other Western countries have pushed and clapped for positive and sometimes divisive independence movements in other parts of the world ie applauding a defacto independent Kurdistan in Iraq and downplaying the Kurdish rights and dignity in Turkey and silent on Syrian Kurds. Not to mention siding with Israel against the plausibility of Palestine's independence or even self determination while allowing Israel to illegally gobble up more occupied Palestinian lands. Not to mention diplomatically demanding that Kosovo and South Sudan's right to self determination against their oppressive neighbors. Montenegro's independence came as the final breakup from the once functioning Yugoslavia. Least one forgets the current blame Russia first attitude toward Ukraine's national sovereignty and unity. In Asia, the U.S. has called for China to respect the rights of its two rawdy special status territories Taiwan and Hong Kong, a former British colony that was returned to China in 1999. The Taiwanese have hinted at threatening independence if Beijing does not give them breathing space to run the local government and stop meddling in Taiwan's local political affairs. Hong Kong has been screaming for Democracy and more freedom to operate away from Beijing's watchful eyes. Mainland China sees both territories recent behaviors as signs of future headaches related to possible demands for political independence. Now that separatists and independence votes are being carried out in the backyards of two powerhouse Western countries all of a sudden some Western countries ie England or UK and Spain want to drag their feet at clapping for local independence movement and reconsider self determination. In short independence its too tricky when its happening in your own house but is less confusing to support the pros when its far away.

Razones para la independencia de Catalunya

Catalunya will also vote on October 8th to become independent after centuries of being its own independent kingdom, developing the Catalan language, tying its history and cultural artists to the wider universal history. Spain has practically made it illegal in its constitution for any of its angry autonomous regions Basque Country or Euskal Herria, the Catalan countries: Catalunya, Balleric Islands and Valencia, Andulacia (part of the historical Al Andalus), Galicia and others from declaring independence. No exceptions are given for self determination under Madrid's watch. No matter the cultural and historical argument for way Catalunya or its Catalonian cousins should be independent, the Spanish Constitution unwritten but firm no to territorial independence has prevented the country from breaking up into new nations. For centuries, Spain has tried to hold itself together as a unified country with multiple identities, histories and cultures popping their heads up to the surface. The three year long Spanish Civil War in 1930s brought the long boiling nationalist anger and frustrations to international attention. Catalan and Basque intellectuals and fighters fought against el fascismo espanol of Francisco Franco and nervous Spanish domination of non Spanish speaking and unique identities of Spain's autonomous people and jack in the box like regions known as "nations" under the constitution. Unlike the threat of economic doom hanging over Scotland, Catalunya is one of the wealthiest regions within Spain which is why Madrid is shaking its head at Barcelona and the larger Catalonian independencistas across Catalunya to slow down with its calls for self determination.

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