Friday, 19 September 2014

Scotland goes the way of Quebec

After exciting the rest of the world and hyping the possible independence of Scotland, disappointingly Scots decided to go the way of Quebec. Getting cold feet at the last minute despite a huge voter turnout of 88% across the country and centuries of reiterating self determination, Scotland has voted against being its own country and separating from the UK. England is happy and so is Prime Minister Cameron. The "Better together" campaign has gotten what it wants. After scaring the people with economic chaos and financial woes for an independent Scotland, the no independence movement and banks got their wish. Now the better together group has to deliver on its promises and demonstrate why Scotland would be better off staying within the United Kingdom. In retrospect the referendum may seem like a waste after the joyful pro independence noise. History, politics and culture were on the side of why Scotland deserved independence. However, the possibly of autonomy or a federal system within the UK like in Germany, United States and Russia might be in the future for Scotland. There is no talk of revote so far and mainstream media was quick to declare results when some of the last remaining votes are still coming in. A wasted opportunity? Did England dodge a bullet or a speeding train for the time being? What about Catalonia and other separatists watching the aftermath of referendum vote? 

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