Thursday, 9 October 2014

Bioterrorism in Ebola form

The recent death of Liberian-American? traveler Thomas Duncan has raised questions and concerns about treatment he had received and proper care for Ebola patients. Both independent and mainstream media has been following Duncan's fight against Ebola over the two weeks. Despite boast President Obama's boast of having the world's greatest healthcare, the U.S. has been thrown off guard by Ebola. The virus itself is being treated justifiably so as a biological terror weapon although it isn't refereed to as such in name. So far five infected Americans are under surveillance after returning to the United States from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. The mainstream media has terrified the public with the threats of pandemics and sci fi like last man on earth scenario to the point that Americans are calling for flights from Ebola stricken countries to be banned. Screenings at airport for Ebola and other diseases have been stepped up at the major airports around the country. Some pundits have even gone further to warn that ISIS or another terrorist group might take advantage of Ebola and use infected Ebola travelers as biological weapons to attack the United States and its friends. Seeing how serious ISIS is pushing to break Kurds' backbone in Syria and Iraq, using Ebola in a terror attack isn't far fetch.

Air Cabin workers strike at LaGuardia protesting Ebola

Meanwhile airline cabin cleansers at LaGuardia Airport have gone on strike to protest the lack of protection and concern for the risks airport workers  face coming in contact with cabin crews, pilots and travelers from across the world is heighten by easy flow of healthcare technology and health risks from globalization. New York has a large African populations from West and East who have contributed greatly to the megalopolis' diversity and culture. LaGuardia is one of New York City's two major airport the other being JFK International Airport the international hub and gateway into the U.S. for most of the world. The airport workers can not be blamed for protecting their lives and bodies from a deadly virus. Freedom of movement and travel is guaranteed for cabin workers and travelers coming and going from US and Africa. People will always travel between the continents.

The legitimate fear many Americans have over Ebola is not an understatement. There is another virus currently wrecking havoc on American children the enterovirus. Enterovirus is a respiratory disease infecting young children across several states from coast to coast. The virus first emerged in the United States in 1962 in California. It is not a new virus but an old one reemerging in the country for the first time in fits years. Ebola's arrival into mainland United States also raises many Americans' fear levels. A conservative journalist has tried to pin the arrival of enterovirus with the arrival of thousands migrant children from Central America during August. West Nile virus has been in the country for several years but is confined to Texas and other Southern states. The CDC, Center for Disease Control is currently overwhelmed with Ebola, Enterovirus and the regular flu seasons that begin at the end of Summer and Springtime. The CDC has tried to keep the public calm with both viruses paralyzing children and adults.

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