Monday, 13 October 2014

Central African Republic Today

Central Africa Republic has been semi quiet since a ceasefire earlier this year put a temporary end to the ongoing violence across the country. Central Africans are recovering from the fratricidal violence that turned neighbor against neighbor and Christian and Muslims (sister religions) against each other. France intervened in the resource rich landlocked African country as a semi humanitarian/military approach to halting the advices of Seleka rebels attempting to cling to power in the CAR capital Bangui. The French forces still remind safeguarding the resources. The Seleka rebels came to power in the aftermath of coup that overthrew the former CAR President Francoise Bozize in 2012. France's Operation Sangaris has entered its months long existence. The current 2,000 French soldiers patrolling along the African Union mission has done little to halt the massive violence in aftermath of the coup and Seleka rebels' rise. Originally celebrated by Central Africans desperate for a return to peace, French and AU soldiers turned UN peacekeepers have been criticized by Central Africans for their slow response and lack of backbone in permanently ending the Seleka-Anti Balaka rebel conflict. France has tried to portray itself as a benevolent intervationaist and put its own spin on the Responsibility to Respect. However, the Central Africans and their neighbors believe the French sudden interest in CAR's stability was not altruistic. The AU has carried most of the burden attempting to halt both rebel groups from ripping the country and people apart. The French came last minute to suddenly become the heroes of another war in a third African country. France had already intervened in Ivory Coast and Mali during each country's chaos only to be ridiculed by the lcal people who saw their help as not only too late but unhelpful and unnecessary. All three countries have their own local armies and African Union missions for their respective territories. CAR like its neighbors have been grappling between breaking away from an IMF-World Bank orientated development to a more flexible and free alternative independent economic and social development aligned with China and BRICS countries. On a lighter note, Marco played against Central African Republic in a football friendly match as qualification rounds are underway in Africa for 2015 African Cup of Nations.

Football: MAroc vs Centraafrique

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