Saturday, 11 October 2014

Fascism and continual Islamophobia grows


 ISIS has given fascist populist leaders and rising stars from the far right and even liberal leaders their raison d entre. The UKIP, Republicans and Libertarians in U.S., Golden Dawn in Greece, Front Nationale in France and right wing thugs in Ukraine are enjoying their newfound popularity and media visibility with the rising ISIS threat. Islamophobia has been growing thanks to ISIS' violence and ruthlessness. The Fox News and Glen Becks of the world have found a new caricature boogeyman to scare the public. ISIS is the new, sleek modern day Takfiri or "Jihadist" hipster like terrorist organization for the current generation. ISIS has out beat and bested Al Qaeda with its social media campaigns and attracting many young Western men and women angered by the economic crisis, unemployment and debt, alienation, shaking financial markets, familial anger with job loss and pressures to succeed in their home countries. ISIS plays the piped piper for frustrated Western recruits including teenagers in their ranks while the far right, even liberal or moderate and extremist populists, media pundits and radio hosts drum up fear of an apocalypse showdown with ISIS.

Media image: Civilize vs the uncivilized? 

Muslims, Islam and Quran are being scrutinized more closely. Neighbors and colleagues are eyeballing their Muslim neighbors with anxiety/suspicion and children are being harassed by ISIS. The Middle East is being portrayed as an uncivilized region that is irrationally violent while terms such as civilized world and pure evil are being used to describe all militant and terror groups from Palestine to Syria who are now all lumped together as part of ISIS forget Al Qaeda. Even Boko Haram in Nigeria has been compared to ISIS and so has Hamas by Benjamin Netanyahu. ISIS like Al Qaeda is the new stereotypical crazed madmen or demons of the region no different than the devil itself. The destruction of Iraq and Syria are envisioned by the media as hell on earth unleashed by a chaotic Pandora's Box. One would think the war in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine-Russia and now Ebola is ushering some kind of World War III. The far right fascists and nationalists point to ISIS as the necessary evil that needs the strong arm of the military industrial complex to defeat. The pundits and populists reiterate that Liberalism, "liberal media" and politicians have failed to halt the spread of terrorism or secure the homeland. According to the pundits its time to return back to a Goerge Bush Jr "with us or against us" strategy of defeating ISIS and other terror groups who are equally against ISIS if the wold is going to avoid the birth of a new, much more unstable caliphate. Islamic clerics including the Whabbis recently condemned the violence and declared a fatwa against ISIS and its gruesome violence. However, politicians, pundits and ordinary citizens still demand that Muslims representing diverse regions of the world collectively apologize for ISIS and other Takfiri/Jihadi groups and recruits aiding it. The drone war against terror groups are still harming and killing civilians in Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia and elsewhere. Mini drones are also being tested and flown in parts of the United States to take photos of events, used by police along with body cameras which doesn't halt police brutality, a few corporations have expressed interest in using drones for home deliveries.
There is strong support for aiding the Kurds in Iraq and Syria. But not in Turkey since it is viewed as a regional model of a secular Muslim society balancing religion and secularism while straddling two continents with a rich history. It is regarded as a strong ally of the West in the region and a NATO member that has offered its territory as part of launch pad for counter strikes and weapons flows/militants across the region. Turkey has served as a backup for NATO directly and indirectly even though it has been 25 years to join European Union. It's largest trade partners, investments and Disapora is orientated towards the EU as well as Iraq, China, and Middle East.

Rising tide of Fascism: Protecting European Democracy or Revival Cold War

From the show "Real Time with Bill Maher"

Ben Affleck vs Bill Maher on Maher's anti-Muslim views
Maher, a political pundit turned talk show host for his Real Time with Bill Maher is both popular across the U.S. but is also scorned by some radio hosts and media personalities for being too Liberal with views. Maher is equally known for his strong anti religious critiques and rants against all major religions including Christianity and Islam.

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