Thursday, 23 October 2014

Israel: "Mideast borders absolutely will change"

No one else but the Kurds: Kurdish fighters both men and women from across the region are fighting and dying to stop ISIS from completing destroying their cities and redrawing the map



Israeli occupied Syrian Golan Heights  falls to ISIS?

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon has been keeping one eye on occupied Palestine and Palestinians and other on Syria-Iraq, Egypt and ISIS. Ya'alon recently told NPR during an interview that "Mideast borders absolutely will change" as a consequence of ISIS wrecking havoc across the region. ISIS has made it obvious it is trying to do away with the Sykes-Picot agreement of artificial borders that created the current Middle East countries. It has curved a huge chunk of territory out of Iraq and Syria in the beginning stages of implementing its "caliphate" or Khalifah as its called in Arabic. ISIS hasn't bothered Israel yet. However, ISIS does have some admirers and copycat mini takfiri groups in neighboring countries. Lebanon, who usually feels the aftershocks of wars and conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Palestine, have witnessed ISIS inspired copycats bombing border towns and villages among them Arsal while Hezbullah has been fighting against ISIS despite being dubbed a terrorist group by Israel, its supporters and the West. Israelis are paying close attention to the fracaso happening next door. Right Wing Israelis and Jewish extremists waved mock ISIS banners during an anti-African protest in Tel Aviv against African asylum seekers and migrants from Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia seeking refuge in Israel. Many previous protests against Africans in general have brought out some of the most racist jingoism and nationalism that Israelis accuse other countries of harboring against it. Like most of Europe, Israel is witnessing the right wing's growing success in local politics and society. Likud, Avigdor Liebermann, right wing Zionists and the centrists non political Israelis are enjoying the media spotlight and support from thousands of Israelis. Tel Aviv considered to be one of the more liberal cities in Israel but has witnessed ex Israeli settlers (colonialists or colonists in Spanish), football hooligans and right wing nationalists clashing with left wing protesters and peacemakers as well as police against African migrants to the final status on Occupied Palestine. As with Europe and U.S., the continual struggle against ISIS is feeding racism, Islamophobia and xenophobia at the expense of distinguishing between terrorism of them/us and digging into the complexities of the Levant or Middle East.

Right Wing grows: Mocking ISIS and intimidating Africans and Palestinians alike

 Iraq has also witnessed atrocities committed by ISIS and its supporters in the Anbar province, bordering towns near Baghdad and in Iraqi Kurdistan and elsewhere across the country. Nearly everyday there is a massive bombing that kills innocent Iraqis men, women and children across the war destroyed country. Even as the Iraqi Army has managed to regroup, ISIS' cruelty has become too much even for the wahhabis in Saudi who have condemned ISIS and its supporters. Iraqi Army is continuing to pound ISIS garrisons around the country with airstrikes backed by US and its hesitant coalition. ISIS has upped its cruelty by executing captured war prisoners than posting the executions on media sharing sites, enslaving Yazidi/Kurdish women and children especially young girls and selling the traumatized women and girls off to its fighters or lecherous men in ISIS controlled territory. Several girls and women have escaped from ISIS to tell their stories. In turn, Kurdish women from Syria, Iraq and Turkey have been defending themselves and their homelands by fighting against ISIS mano a mano not waiting for any Coalition of NATO or Democratic airstrikes to save them. Kobani residents are relying on themselves to keep ISIS from conquering their town while hesitant Coalition and U.S. send arms that end up in ISIS' well supplied American weaponry stock to the chagrin of Western politicians. As the old saying goes, Kurds learned decades ago to help themselves in times of trouble and fighting for survival. Turkey just recently allowed Iraqi Kurds to cross into Kobani to help their brothers and sisters in Syria battle ISIS. Turkey has played both the middleman and curious onlooker to ISIS while the Kurds  are being killed without protest from the "responsibility to protect" crowd that called for Libya to be liberated by NATO bombs. Having Kurds and Iraqi Army fight ISIS means the U.S. and its friends won't have to risk the lives of soldiers despite the rising civilian deaths in Mesopotamia and Levant. The whole Levant and North Africa are against caliphate mantra and have said continuously that ISIS in way, shape or form speaks for the whole region or Islam.

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