Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Kurds keep up fight against ISIS

The Kurds have been busting their butts (aka asses pardon the jargon) to protect themselves, the wider unofficial Kurdistan and the Middle East from ISIS known as Da'ish in Arabic and Kurdish. Kurdish women fighters, politicians and children and men have stress their bodies and will power to destroying ISIS' American artillery, blowing up command posts and ISIS fighters across Iraqi Kurdistan and Syria. The Syrian border town Kobani (Kobane) known in Arabic as Ain al Arab is closer to falling to ISIS. However, the Kurds refuse for the town to fall not without fighting to the end without  the help of a no fly zone or heavy airstrikes from NATO to back them up. Kurdish women have also refused to be hapless victims or rely solely on men to clash with ISIS fighters. Kurdish women historically have played a vital role in the Kurdish struggle for rights and to a lesser extent self determination. They have serve as crucial militants, frontline messengers and resistance fighters in the PKK and other Kurdish militant groups in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. They have carried the Kurdish flag and the plight of the Kurdish people to the world's attention. Their fighting spirit has been applauded by the world over. The U.S. and Western countries have highlighted the United Arab Emirate's first female fighter pilot for taking part in the early "coalition" airstrikes against ISIS. The female Kurdish fighters are unafraid to face down the Takfiris or its media propaganda.

"Un pueblo unido que jamas se venicido" A People United where never be defeated

 Kurds storm EU parliament

 In addition to fighting for their towns and villages, the Kurds have been looking out for their brethren in Iraq, Syria and Turkey slowly but surely unifying to battle against ISIS. In Istanbul to the border towns of Turkey and Iraq, Kurds of all ages including women have hurled stones and clashed with Turkish police and border patrols along the Syrian border to remind the world that their stressful fight is what is keeping ISIS from conquering more territory. The Kurdish Diaspora in Europe specifically Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, among other countries have storm parliament buildings demand the same tough actions against ISIS that they have been pursuing to halt them.

RT Espanol: Turquía: Violentos enfrentamientos entre manifestantes kurdos y la policía en Estambul

Turquía: 15 muertos y decenas de heridos en las protestas por los ataques del EI en Siria

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