Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Obama as the cowboy

Cartoon compliments of Carlos Latuff

President Obama's recent speeches at the UN and official announcement a few weeks ago to the American people to go after ISIS, takes its inspirations and quotes from previous, destructive President George W. Bush Jr. Particulary, Obama's quote, "the only language they understand is the languge of force" comes directly from an Israeli official justifying Israel's excessive use of force against Palestinians and their Arab neighbors.Obama whose ratings are the lowest in his administration even lower than George Bush Jr, is now playing the role of a cowboy fighting a war on many fronts. He wants to halt Russian advancement into the war torn Ukraine while also bombing the mess out of ISIS and its destructive takfiri cousins in Syria and Iraq. To top it off, Obama and the US as a whole are trying to brace itself and fight Ebola as well. Most of the world agrees that ISIS' violence and remorseless massacres need to be halted and stopped immediately. For once, Iran and U.S. see eye to eye on cutting ISIS off from its supply of American weapons. Wonder how ISIS had access to U.S. weapons in the first place? The media pundits have all but turned the whole world against ISIS and the takfiris in Mesopotamia. The pundits have also wrongfully painted Putin as the incarnation of Josef Stalin or Hitler. Everyone who goes out of their way to use excessive force against their neighbors is automatically label a Hitler. Everyone except Israel and the U.S. for historical guilt and pressure from Israel first lobby crying antisemitism for even making such a suggestion. Doesn't matter if the caricature is incorrectly applied to the accused evil leader or politician the media seeks to demonize week after week. Back to Obama. The president is overlooking the anger and frustration of many ordinary Americans to fight a triple war despite the up and down of the stock market and the national budget's debt. He continues to feed the military industrial complex at the expense of infrastructure and healthcare for the people. Not to mention limiting diplomacy where ISIS is concerned. The American people agreed that ISIS is a threat to the world but they are suffering from crushing roller coaster of the so called economic recovery and economic hitmen.

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