Monday, 13 October 2014

Palestine recognized as state by UK Parliment

The UK Parliament has done the right thing for once by symbolically recognizing Palestine as a state as most of the world's people already do officially and unofficially. Israel is furious of course. The Israeli officials insists that recognizing Palestine as part of the family of nations is somehow bias towards the Palestinian side to the on and off again peace negotiations. The parliamentarians are putting their foot down in Palestine's recognition. The UN and UNESCO already recognize the State of Palestine along with some 100+ UN member countries. The next step for the Parliament and British government would be to practice what they preach and push Israel to comply with international law and end the long standing brutal military occupation, dismantle all the illegal settlements which violate international law, negotiate and comprise on occupied East Jerusalem, remove the military infrastructure that keeps Palestinians' freedom of movement and life impossible to live, dismantle and destroy the massive Israeli separation wall that steals Palestinian land in occupied West Bank, Jerusalem and lift the siege and blockade on Gaza among other broken laws and resolutions carried out by Israel. While the UK Parliament is not known for being direct in fighting for justice its vote for recognition of Palestine at least gives some comfort to Palestinians and the world that there are some politicians who recognize when justice is absolutely necessary.

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