Thursday, 16 October 2014

Prof Michel Chossudovsky: Globalization of War

Video created by Global Research TV

Professor Michael Chossudovsky dissects Globalization of War, the rising military usage and expenditures by the United States, NATO countries, Russia and a few of BRICS i.e. China and the competing military muscle flexing by multipolar powers. The military industrial conflict is working overtime to find conflicts to feed its weapons to or send its merchants of death especially if the conflict is frustrating to find solutions for international organizations or meditating countries and regions. Whether fighting for Earth's declining resources or showing off their  space and technological might, U.S., Russia and China are clashing diplomatically each week over the conflicts and geopolitical happenings in the world. The West and BRICS clash over Ukraine, Iraq-Syria (Mesopotamia), threatening Iran, China's smooth geopolitical rise and popularity in Africa, Central Asia and Latin America. The U.S. has been worrying over China since the former isolationist country woke up from its slumber some 35 years ago. The U.S. and wider West have responded to China not only with balancing economic and financial resources with Chinese but also building up their militaries and technological defense industries in response to a perceived threat of Chinese and Russian military might. Its an old military threat stereotype left over from the Cold War of an aggressive Russia and "Red" China trying to take over the world through military and economic influences with its neighbors and the wider world. China and Russia  have also been competing successfully with launching men, women and space rovers. Russians have been in space longer than the U.S. and still are recognized as top residents at International Space Station.

A Global War of Liberation?

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