Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Turkey in the middle of ISIS war

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The Turkish parliament recently approved military action against ISIS. As part of the hastily created Coalition of the Willing or Coalition of the Hesitant, Turkey finds itself in an ward position as it joins its neighbors to fight against ISIS. Many foreign fighters from Western countries, Turkey and possibly Chechnya, have been using Turkey as a transit spot to reach the war zone in Syria and Iraq. Turkish border officials have looked the other way and others have fled the rising tensions and violence by ISIS fighters along the Syrian-Turkish borders. Syrian Kurds have been fleeing to the safety of Turkey as ISIS continue to push them at gunpoint of their border villages and towns. Meanwhile, Iraqi Kurds have fled from Mosul to the capital and less chaotic towns. They are joined by their brethren the Syrian Kurds who were not fortunate to make it to Turkey but had to flee south to Iraq, destroyed by foreign invasions and now a prolong ISIS-Takfiri war against everyone no matter the religion.

ISIS fighting in Kobani, Syria on the Turkish-Syrian border

Turkey regards itself as a regional superpower not only in Iraq-Syria but across the Middle East. Perhaps playing off the glorious past and final days of the Ottoman Empire, Turkish President Reccip Erdogan has presented himself to the region as an alternative to Washington-London Axis of Democracy imposed military style and Western backed corrupt leaders across the Persian Gulf and political puppets. Erdogan just survived a presidential election that would've ended his career. He and his AKP party quickly responded to continual unpopularity with ordinary Turks by using fancy political slogans and social media inspired fanfare to spark disgruntled Turkish voters to reconsider the other presidential candidates. Since the elections are no longer a threat for Erdogan, he has tried to win the hearts and minds of his neighbors with a foreign policy of anti-imperialism, anti-NATO/ Western intervention in the Middle East, Justice of Palestine, Syria and Iraq, etc. The only problem, Erdogan keeps backtracking on his policy. Most Turks want Turkey to practice what it preaches on its anti-imperalism and non alignment stance on foreign affairs in the same vain as China and Russia. Against the protest of the Turkish people, Erdogan has reestablished diplomatic and economic ties between Turkey and Israel shooting his own foot by recognizing the oppressor who continues to suffocate Palestinians under a tight fisted military occupation. The anger against the lack of justice, blunt double standards and sticking up for Israel is one of many factors driving the alienated, marginalized microscopic minority of Turks to ISIS. The majorty of Turks like Syrians and Iraqis and everyone else in the Middle East and Africa are against ISIS. No one wants ISIS or its cousins ie the Khorasan Group (wherever they popped up from) to take hold of any governments or society as awhole. Even Iran and Hezbullah are fighting against ISIS to avoid having the extremists bringing the choas theory to their countries.

To tell the Truth

Vice President Joe Biden caught some flak from the Persian Gulf and Turkey by truthfully saying that the Persian Gulf monarchies and Turkey (although the country was not mentioned by name) "poured money and weapons" into supplying ISIS and its Takfiri cousins Al Qaeda in Iraq, Syria and North Africa, Takfiri militiamen in Libya and Egypt in Sinai, etc. Biden had to apologize despite speaking the truth, a rare feat for a U.S. politician who didn't cave into pressure by the public to be honest about the double standards of foreign policy. 

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