Saturday, 29 November 2014

Another injustice in Egypt

Injustice for the people and justice for guilty

As though the events in Ferguson and protests around the world against state violence (at local and national levels) has not been learned, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was freed on acquittal from his 3 year long imprisonment and trials. Originally he was charged for corruption than murder against many civilians throughout the Egyptian Revolution in 2011. For three long years, Mubarak was shuttled back and forth from prison to the Supreme Court to the anger of many Egyptians who wanted a quick jail sentence involving life imprisonment. 

Police fear tear gas at Mubarak Verdict protesters

Many Egyptians see the Mubarak verdict by the Supreme Court as an insult and disrespect to the 2011 Egyptian Revolution that broke Mubarak's generational regime and led to his downfall. The remaining Mubarak supporters from 2011 have cheered the former, ailing president's release with glee while a majority of Egyptians have taken to the streets in Cairo, Alexandria, Helwan and elsewhere to condemn the trial and final verdict. Across Africa's most famous country, protesters from diverse political parties, religious and minority groups have continuously protested against political and judicial corruption, nepotism, hypocritical double standards in court proceeding and the courts bowing to wealthy defenders and jailed politicians while condemning human rights activists, the poor, political scientists, writers,etc to years if not live imprisonment for simply critiquing Mubarak, Mohammad Morsi, Sisi and standing up to the current military government. The future of Egypt continues to be discuss and debated by ordinary people in the face of the acquittal and protests against police violence and military.

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