Monday, 10 November 2014

Catalunya shows its backbone

 Symbolic Independence: Resultats de Catalunya mes de 80%

Over a million Catalans and 80% of Catalunya voted Yes for Independence in a symbolic poll that had Spain foaming at the mouth and ears blowing smoke. The symbolic vote irked Spain, who has made even de facto independence for any of its unique regions illegal in the 1978 Constitution. In addition, the Spanish Prime Minister Roya, economists and media pundits used the same economic fears and financial anxiety used by the UK PM and London financiers to scare Scotland away from becoming a full blown independent state in the same vein of South Sudan. Catalunya was supposed to vote for independence and becoming its own state last Sunday November 9th. However Spanish judiciary and constitutional experts threatened the Catalan independentistas and Pro-independence leaders including Artur Mes with serious legal persecution if Catalunya showed its backbone and went ahead with formal independence referendum.

For now, Catalunya will press ahead with prepping itself for the real independence vote in the near future. The Catalonians (Catalan) are taking concrete baby steps towards the eventual birth of an independent Catalunya. Currently the region has its own Parliament, police force, contributes more than 10% to the Spanish GDP, its major city Barcelona is a recognized World City and economic hub. Its a coastal region that has access to neighboring markets and a major sea route. As been said before, Cataluyna has its own language, unique culture and hertiage, world renown poets, writers and artists, traditions and so on. Catalonian culture has long been lumped together as representing an overarching and diverse Spanish culture. However, the Catalonians have remained the world that they similar to the Basque are unique and do not feel they are or share anything in common with Spaniards across Spain no matter how long Catalunya has been fused with Spain. For most of the 20th century, the Catalan language and culture was repressed under the Dictator Francisco Franco who emphasized an all encompassing Spanish national identity and stamped out any unique regional identity such as Basque or Catalan. The history of an independent Catalunya throughout the Middle Ages, repressive policy by Franco and current economic recession/ depression like environment still haunting Spain 7 years after the Financial crisis, Catalans have said loud and clear enough with this.

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