Monday, 24 November 2014

Ferguson rising and on fire

Map of Ferguson in its relations to St. Louis and wider Missouri from

 Michael Brown's father calls for peaceful demonstrations

 Ferguson teens use drums to protest

The decision is in...And it comes as no surprise to anyone that Officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted. It does not mean that he won't be tried again or karmic justice won't find him. The jury deliberated for weeks now to deliver their decision anticipating the reaction from the people of Ferguson. Men, women and children in Ferguson have been peaceful and going about their lives even during the preceedings. Peaceful protesters and community activists have been holding candle light vigils and pleading with other less peaceful residents and outside instigators from near and  neighboring cities or states not to cause chaos. Michael Brown's parents have asked and called for calm protests and expressing anger without the police using military style force or Missouri governor Jay Nixon relying on the national guard. For weeks, the peaceful spoke, demanded and plead for calm, collective protest.

Peaceful protests in Ferguson prior to Verdict

Bassem Masri, filming Ferguson protests and arrests

Masri is citizen journalist from the Ferguson-St Louis area now known for his unconventional streaming journalism

However, tonight the deaf and violent instigators and protesters who refuse to heed the warning of Brown's parents or thousands of non violent demonstrations have made Ferguson look terrible with the police car burnings and smashing African American owned businesses. The violent actions go against the collective movement of Ferguson and the pro-peace protests occurring for over 105 days in Ferguson since the protests in August. Many people around the country and around the world especially in Palestine understand the frustrations and hypocritical nature and injustice American judicial system. Many peoples around the world emphasize with the humanity of African American people. The world sees with their own eyes and have spoken out against the violence, police brutality, dehumanization and character assassination faced by African Americans in Ferguson and elsewhere across the United States. African Americans emphasize and understand police brutality around the world. Ferguson is rising and many people are waking up to the injustice system that has long dehumanized and denied overdue protection for African Americans. Ferguson rebellion, uprising or protests.

From Ferguson to Palestine: Solidarity and support in pictures and words 

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