Monday, 3 November 2014

Judiazing Jerusalem

There's been talk for years of Israel's stronghold on all of Jerusalem including Occupied East Jerusalem part of the Old City that is not recognized as part of Israel's legal territory. Jerusalem is not recognized as the "eternal capital" of Israel proper either. Which is why Tel Aviv often serves as the defacto capital for many international diplomatic missions and embassies. Successive Israeli governments even before 1967 War have allowed illegal Jewish settlers from Israel and abroad including the U.S. and France to take over private Palestinian homes under an apartheid like grab of property that in other countries would amount to a quiet ethnic cleansing. Many settler groups have used dubious, false even and shady legal documents and have gotten the High Court of Israel to side with settlers (after aiming to aid individual Palestinian cases) in obtaining Palestinian homes and lands including agricultural lands and schools in Occupied East Jerusalem and other Palestinian neighborhoods such as Silwan, Beit Hanoun, Sheik Jarrah. Israeli government have pressed ahead with new/ continual construction on many empty settlements across Occupied Jerusalem and West Bank violating international law and going against the UN Resolutions holding Israel as accountable occupier and condemning the "Middle East's only Democracy" for its human rights violations against Palestinians.

Lost of Palestinian homes and agricultural lands to illegal Israeli settlements ie colonies

Not welcomed in Jerusalem

Palestinian residents of Jerusalem have been banned entry to Al Aqsa Mosque which is adjacent to the Dome of the Rock known as Haram al Sharif or Temple Mount for the first time ever. Palestinian men from 14 and up are regularly denied entry into Jerusalem as well as the holy sites during Jewish and Christian holidays (despite Palestinian Christians living in Jerusalem and West Bank) on a yearly basis. Israel argues the ban is to prevent terrorism. Half of the world's Muslims and Christians have called out Israeli government on its treatment of religious minorities in Jerusalem and the country. Israel lifted the ban a few days ago. Palestinians both men and women being denied access to holy and cultural sites are not uncommon. Israeli Jews are allowed to enter the Al Aqsa Compound occasionally despite the arguments that such movements go against the unwritten laws and codes about non Muslims entering and praying at Haram Al Sharif. The Islamic Waqf of Palestine that monitors the holy sites in Jerusalem and elsewhere across Occupied Palestine reiterated the argument that Israel is purposely pushing Palestinian people's buttons by provoking Palestinian residents into frustration and anger over their second class treatment in freedom of movement and disregard for Palestine's cultural and religious hertiage. Israel's double standards is part of a half century policy of making Palestinians uncomfortable in their own city and pushing them out in the name of making Jerusalem only accessible to the Jewish people. As though the world's Jews have asked Israel to represent and speak for them every time something is done for Israel's self interest. The whole world including Russia has shamed and exposed Israel's for its hypocrisy and its crying wolf on anti semetism, exaggerating threats and Iran when it is rightfully critique for going against humanism and the rest of the world's demands to end the 47 year old military industrial and structural occupation of what remains of historical Palestine.


Press TV: The Debate - Al-Quds Judaization (P.1) 


The Debate - Al-Quds Judaization (P.2)


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