Tuesday, 25 November 2014

USA protests the people want

Photo by Real News Network Baltimore protest in solidarity with Ferguson. The T-shirt reads, "I am Black, a part of Humanity."

 National Guard entering Ferguson

Day 2 of Ferguson protest and the whole country has literally joined the Ferguson protesters in solidarity demanding not only Justice for Michael Brown but also justice in general and a fix to the corrupt judicial system where cops who lie or exaggerate injuries go free. No matter if the victim is an unarmed citizen: African American, Latino, women, homeless, White, mentally handicap or youth in the wrong place at the wrong time. National Guard (2,200 in Ferguson) is currently guarding the Police Department and a few shopping centers seeming to blend together with the city police its hard at times to tell the difference in the crowd. PS the National Guard has not been used to aid in controlling and quelling protests since the 1960s.
From New York to Los Angeles to Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Brentwood, Missouri and Minneapolis and other cities and small towns, the youth especially youth of color and women are fed up with police, institutionalized racism and white supremacy system, the double standards in how the courts treat the young and old, voter suppression during the recent and previous national state elections, immigration, unemployment, rising tuition and crushing student debt, homelessness and the list of austerity measures can fill up a book.

Oakland joins the Solidarity protests and has a long history of protesting for human rights and against police brutality.


 Nation wide protests solidarity with Ferguson

The 101 (Highway 101 which is the lifeblood of LA and Pacific Coast) in LA county, the I-44 in Ferguson and St. Louis and smaller highways and major avenues have been blocked by thousands of people. Hundreds have marched to Times Square to the UN Plaza and down the usually congested FDR Drive and NYC's main avenue. Many are voicing their anger with their feet. The police some arm and others not are either walking alongside the protesters or have the roads and highways blocked to keep the protesters in line. No pun intended. The mainstream media and pundits for once are paying close attention to the protesters not taking the mass movement of youth and people both young and old. Keep in mind the protests are majority peaceful. Ferguson residents like their counterparts in CA, NY, GA and other states have been protecting local businesses.

British MP Diane Abbot protests in earlier months with Ferguson in London

New Yorkers protest the verdict and police violence
As for Thanksgiving, the protesters may be marching than to remind the country that there are still unaddressed issues.

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