Monday, 1 December 2014

Boko Haram's brutality against all religions

Some 200 people killed in Kano Mosque attacks

Boko Haram like ISIS have shown it has no regard for any religion no matter if it is Islam or Christianity. Two days ago, Boko terrorists attacked the 15th century Grand mosque (one of the oldest) in Northern Nigerian city of Kano, one of the largest city in the region killing over 100+ people during prayers. In scenes reminisce of Baghdad or other parts of Iraq, bombs and gunfire were used against worshipers  while other city residents were blindsided and stunned by the powerful explosions that horrified Kano and all of Nigeria. The emir of Kano Alhaji Muhamadu Sanusi of the former Kano emirate, survived the terrorist attack along with the imam. Boko had targeted the emir for death after he urged Nigerians to fight and take up arms against Boko Haram. President Goodluck Jonathan has continuously reassured Nigerians about the government's race to halt Boko Haram from future and the next coming attacks. For many Nigerians, the government's slow response to new terrorist attacks across the country including suicide bombings by Boko that killed some 30 people, the war against the terrorists is too late. President Jonathan has also halted the United States from training Nigerian army troops following the week of violence that has paralyzed the country. The U.S. has long trained African militaries across the continent particularly in West Africa where the U.S. has made and broken alliances with countries from Liberia to Senegal, Ivory Coast to Ghana.

Breaking News: Explosions at the Grand Mosque of Kano near Emir's Palace

Cameroon successfully overpowering Boko Haram

Boko Haram has taken its choas cross the border into Cameroon battling with the Cameroon military have been pushing the organization back and trying to prevent terrorist attacks from spilling into Cameroon. When Boko militants and terrorists seized foreign workers from China, Italy and the wife of Cameroonian Vice PM, Cameroonian rescue team was able to free all of the hostages and return them to safety. Cameroonian soldiers also killed 104 Boko Haram fighters following reported massacres of local civilians in Northern Cameroon. Keep in mind Cameroon has not experience war and any military violence in recent decades and has remain peaceful despite the violence next door. .

Sky News: Cameroon Army against Boko Haram

Ordinary Nigerians. Christian, Muslims and non religious have long been terrorized by Boko Haram through physical and physiological warfare. Men, women and children are tired of waiting for the government to start being a step ahead of the terrorist organization. Nigerians in both North and Southern Nigeria have taken security and protection into their own hands. Vigilante groups have formed in many towns and villages in the northern regions and often clashed with Boko Haram to protect themselves and their families from gruesome violence nationwide. The vigilante responses has been welcomed by local residents and local state officials. Heroic vigilantes have paid the price for standing up to Boko Haram on several occasions. Many vigilantes have been massacred and kidnapped and their families threatened. Feeling emboldened by the bloody week, Boko Haram invaded another Northern state Yobe and its capital Damaturu using heavy weapons and artillery. The Nigerian government has redoubled its efforts to defeat Boko Haram. Many Nigerians are not holding their breathes and vigilantes are once again preparing to battle with the terrorists. 

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