Saturday, 6 December 2014

Intifada in the USA? Kind of

In Arabic, Intifada roughly translates into shaking off. Intifada has long been part of the Palestinian struggle and resistance for existence and recognition as a nation state and a people. While today the majority of the world recognizes Palestine as a llegitimate state even UNESCO and UN agree that Palestine is part of the world even if the merry go around negotiations have yet to reset. The United States and Israel have stubbornly refuse to recognize Palestine's official status as a state in occupied Palestinian lands of what reminds of Palestine pre 1967 borders.

Nationwide protests against police brutality and state tyranny from NY to Boston to Dallas and the Midwest
Intifada as a term and verb has been picked up by many protesters across the world since the First Palestinian Intifada in 1987 and following the Al Aqsa Intifada in 2000. Now a third Intifada has been growing and gaining momentum as a result of Israel's stubborness to reach a just negotiable and tolerable peace settlement with Palestine. The United States still continues to support and make excuses for Israel's brutalizing Gaza and illegal construction of illegal Jewish only settlements in Occupied East Jerusalem and West Bank. Most Americans have awoken to the double standards and one side gain Israel refuses from U.S. unnecessary financial and military support and lucrative trade relations. Ordinary Americans of all colors and sizes have highlighted the injustice faced by the Palestinians and Americans for decades and now the anger towards oppressive Israeli military policies have finally been openly compared to police policies visited upon African Americans and other Americans of color from Ferguson to New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Oakland, Boston, Miami, and even in small towns with small if not tiny numbers of non white Americans.

Forget social media march with your feet

Many die ins have been staged in major chain stores to remain onlookers and shoppers of the discrimination of African Americans within in the stores and disconnect between wealthy and middle class and poor in New York and elsewhere. Non violent protesters have turned to economics as part of the injustice faced by families and youth being pushed out of the major cities by gentrification, experiencing a rebirth of urban areas from millionaire real estate agencies coming in and building up expensive housing or renovating once run down areas that long term residents can't afford. This is coupled with the arrival of upper middle class, chic hipsters and tech company employees. While Manhattan becomes ridiculously expensive alongside San Francisco, Boston, LA, the inequality gaps increases. Everyone in the city and country matters.

Protest in Atlanta on Eric Garner verdict

The People are awake

From Coast to Coast and the South and Midwest to even London, France who recently saw French people come out to protest police brutality and now Greece, everybody and their parents are not afraid to call the police out on their militarization, the heavy handed tactics the use of force and racism and protection against persecution by the legal system and white supremacy system that allows some Americans to shut their eyes and say out of sight out of mind. The NYPD has been noted for remaining calm and letting the protesters move about freely around the city in 40 degree weather and rain to let the nation and the world who is watching the events from TVs and radios to word of mouth live know what is going on in the US. These protests now are no longer local they are turning into an intifada with momentum led by the youth, women, kids and under 50 crowd. Nightly protests have been ongoing for three days now in New York, Ferguson and Atlanta to similiar to the nightly protests (coinciding with work and school days) that took place in Syria during the early days of the Arab Spring. Americans have learned from the Syrian and Arab Spring protests that pressure and protests in numbers do matter and can lead to change if the commitment continues.

Nightime protest in Syria 2011: Time for Bashar to Leave chant

RT Espanol: Miles marchan en Grecia contra la brutalidad policial en vivo 

The United States is a huge country with a decentralized government so nationwide protests do not cause the kind of alarm bells that it would cause in France or London, Greece or Palestine. However, hundreds of thouands of Americans demanding justice from a final end to police brutality and violence to ending economic depression and woes that have plague the country has caused the pundits, mainstream media, politicians and President Obama to scratch their heads and wonder where the momentum came from. Local police have constrained themselves and even coordinated with a few protest leaders on minimizing violence while arrests have been made. There havent been too many incidences of execissive force similiar to Ferguson police's use of military style tactics during the August protests. The protesters have vowed to be back on the streets come Monday. The Republican controlled Congress have also been quietly observing the protests in Washington, DC while attempting to make the President's immigration and economic reform legislation impossible to pass. Congress will be focused on its work while the protesters shot in the background. Authors and social economic analysts have been predicting and suggesting the United States and the West might be headed towards social collapse via financial crisis in the near future.

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