Monday, 22 December 2014

Jürgen Todenhöfer back from ISIS state

Jurgen Todenhofer: "IS im Siegerausch" from BannenRepublik via Die Gefahr in German

Jürgen TodenhöferJournalist, author and former German politician recently returned home after spend 10 days inside the self proclaim caliphate or ISIS state spread across Mosul to Raqaa, Syria. One of a few perhaps the only Western journalist who was able to get up close to ISIS fighters and self proclaimed officials, Todenhofer was able to see first hand daily life in ISIS controlled "Islamic" state. Willing to listen to both sides in the conflicts across Syria, Iraq and other countries in Middle East or Levant, he was given unheard of access to families, private homes and able to travel throughout ISIS occupied territory interviewing both militants, terrorists and civilians caught up in the conflict.

Jurgen Todenhofer far right from an image posted to his Facebook page. The image was republished by the German news site Bild

Todenhofer is not a stranger to Iraq or Syria. He previously published a book titled Why Do You Kill Zaid? about the Anglo-American invasion and occupation from the perspectives of ordinary Iraqis and coming to understand the effects of the war, destruction and racism in Iraqi society in the before and after the 2003 invasion. Without the aid of Iraqi police or relying on military escorts or serving as an embedded journalist, Todenhofer gained the trust and empathy of the Iraqi people he visited. He has traveled throughout the region during some 20 years and has lived in Iraq, Syria among locals, speaks Arabic, deeply understands the history, culture, knowledge of the region in more ways than the parachute journalists gathering soundbites for the evening news on several Western media stations including German media

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