Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Liberia 2015: Strong and Ebola free

Liberia is proving to be a country that can bounce back from disasters. As the country heads into the New Year, Liberians are recovering from Ebola epidemic that nearly caused the country to collapse in a financial and literal context. Liberians are returning to normalcy and taking extra precaution with signs of sickness or any small changes in health in family homes and businesses. Christmas was celebrated in Monrovia and elsewhere across the country bringing joy to families eager to celebrate the holidays without worries of an epidemic or another health scare. Although 49 new cases of possible Ebola has been reported in Grand Cape Mount County on the border with Sierra Leone, most of the Liberia reported a drop in new Ebola cases bringing joy to many citizens including health officials and even the CDC Director who commended Liberia for a "better than expected situation."

Merry Christmas from Liberia 2014 compliments of BLK24

On a bright note, Liberian senate midterm elections recently ended after being postponed by the Liberian National Elections Commission from its usual election date in November. Complaints from local constituents emerged during and after the senatorial races were completed. Local constituents who felt the senate elections should have still been carried out at its usual date have questioned controversial move and reports of foiled ballot tempering during voting. Nevertheless, the senatorial elections were peaceful and most incumbents were either booted out and opposition members brought to the forefront as popular candidates by a majority of Liberians. Among the popular candidate who won his senate seat was the former football player George Weah and his CDC (Congress for Democratic Change) which is popular among many Liberians across the country.

Voter turnout low for Liberian Senatorial elections

Getting down to business

When the legislature returns to business in January, Liberian senators will be diving head first into a new fiscal year, a recovering economy, making decentralization policies more effective, being held accountable by ordinary Liberians for the direction of their votes, having to work with shaking smaller political parties and keeping the coalition in Liberian Parliament unified and addressing the complaints and demands of their constituents to do more for their respective counties and the country as a whole. President Johnson-Sirleaf is also facing the same challenges along with the fact that she is unpopular among Liberians. Beyond the politics, construction companies will be busy erecting new buildings, paving roads, installing new electric poles and systems. At the moment two new town halls have been erected in Brewerville, a residential suburb outside Monrovia and Fallie Town, Cape Mount County to delight of residents who see their mayors as initiative politicians who walk the walk when it comes to self reliance and not waiting for government. Initiative has become a buzz word in Liberia for Liberians and politicians to be more proactive and rely on self help instead of searching for handouts. The schools unfortunately still remain close. Private school teachers in another county Grand Bassa have begun protesting to quit their jobs over the continual closure of schools.

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