Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Pakistan terrorism against children

Peshwar on a quiet day photo by Pukhtoogle

Terror attack in Peshwar against military children

Less than 24 hours after the Sydney hostage siege, Pakistan witnessed its own horrors. The Pakistani Taliban just as ruthless as its Afghan counterpart, ISIS, Al Qaeda and the other wahhabi terrorists, cowardly attacked a Pakistani military school in the mountainous city of Peshwar in North Central Pakistan. Not only was the military school attacked by Taliban gunmen and suicide bombers that caused chaos, 145 military students from 14 and up along with their female teacher were massacred in the bloodiest terror attack in years. Many of the military students appear younger than 20 years although there are students who are 18 and older. The childrens' parents, who are themselves military personnel were horrified. It is every parent's worst nightmare to loose their child to any violence or bury their children before their time. Neighbors, other city residents and officials were equally mortified. Pakistani government has vowed to go after the Taliban and other terrorists that have been causing hell on Earth in Peshwar and other parts of Pakistan for decades. The children and young adults were following in their parents' military tradition. Peshwar has a large military base and it is common to see military personnel and families about town and mingling with civilians. The same scene with military-civilians would be common in military friendly cities elsewhere in the world. Pakistani police had also stormed the school to save the children and the armed officers did manage to save some children at the school and in neighboring buildings that were placed on locked down. The pain of saying goodbye to 130+ children will never heal the parents' wounds or broken hearts.

Peshwar's Bomb blast history on drones and terror attacks

 American drones have also been haunting and terrifying the children of Pakistan as well as Yemen, Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan. Being caught up in the unmanned war against the terrorists, drones have been leveling civilian houses and taking young lives to the point that children are scared to venture outside to play after school. Peshwar has had the misfortunate of being associated with and mistaken at times for supporting terrorism. The city served as a way point for foreign fighters heading to Afghanistan during the 1979 Mujahideen war against the Soviet Union following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Even back then, the U,S, backed Mujahideen was considered extreme and called out for its terror towards the Afghan people. Many Peshwar residents have protested and condemned the drone strikes in their city, cross Waziristan and Northern Pakistan. Once again children as have been in the case in Nigeria with Boko Haram are equal targets for adult wars. 

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