Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Senegal helping Liberia to build highways

Operating Manager Mamadou Sow of Compagnie Sahelienne d'Enterprises signs the agreement contract to begin construction on a highway in Yekepa to Ganta, Liberia at the Public Works Ministry in Monrovia. Photo by Frontpage Africa online.

As Liberia gets back on its feet and its economy gradually materializes following the decrease of Ebola in the country, Liberia is returning to its construction projects in Monrovia and elsewhere across the country. Dry season is construction time in Liberia's major cities, towns and villages. Delays on highway and road construction is common across the country is often blamed on Ministry of Public Works slow operations and limited army of engineers needed to monitor and operate construction. Also urban planners have been slow to create a masterplan to Monrovia's rapid growth over the last 50 years. The same goes for other cities and villages across the countryside. The Public Works Ministry had recently undergone some reshuffling and an interim minister sacked following compliments by Liberians that the MPW's delays were causing long term problems around the country. The new minister Claude Langley has vowed to push Public Works to commit itself to finishing long overdue to projects.

Despite the slow construction, Liberia is moving forward with its mini construction boom. Senegalese construction company Compagne Sahelienne d'Enterprises based in Senegalese capital Dakar just finished signing a contract with Liberian government to build a major highway between mining town of Yekepa to Ganta, on the border of Guinea and Liberia, Chinese construction company Chico has built many roads in Liberia during the last couple of years. However, many Liberians noted that the streets and highways built by Chico often break up (literally) after a year or two from construction. CSE has a reputation across West Africa for building quality roads and not cutting corners (infrastructure wise and safety) as Chico has been accused of doing by ordinary Liberians using the built roads around Monrovia and countryside. The CSE has completed road works and highways across Sierra Leone, Guinea, Mali, Nigeria, Ghana over the past 40 years, Liberia has been partnering with its next door neighbors on joint construction projects across borders, economic trade and freedom of movement between peoples and products. Liberians are grateful and excited for the construction to commence, AreclorMital which operates the former mines in Yekepa has offered to pay for the highway construction. ArcelorMittal is one of the largest metal companies in the world.

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