Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sydney hostages against the windows

Sydney, Australia is known for many things. The Opera House, sea food, coastline, 2006 Summer Olympics and as a tourist destination for international visitors. Sydney is not the capital of Australia, Cantbaria is although Sydney does seem to be the most represented Australian city in the world. The other major cities often mentioned in the world media include Melbourne, Alice Springs, Perth and Adelaide. The city is generally safe despite the global financial crisis, poor neighborhoods and disparities between the wealthy, middle class and poor Australians.

A tense hostage situation has developed in downtown Sydney at the Lindt Cafe. Lindt is world famous Swiss chocolatier company noted for its extraordinary chocolates and cocoa products that are regularly sold abroad on all six continents. The tension is building with each passing minute between the hostages pressed up against the windows and police equally blocking the windows from view. A black flag with Arabic writing was mentioned to be placed on Cafe's other windows. Its still hazy and early to tell if the gunman/hostage takers are doing this in relation to ISIS or other takfiri groups or if its a local group. There has been no reports of gunfire nor has the hostage taker or takers have made their demands. Australia has supported NATO in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yugoslavia not to mention supports Western airstrikes against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. However, Prime Minister Tony Abbot and the wider mainstream media have been cautious to connect the hostage situation to Australia's foreign policy although some pundits are attempting to draw the conclusions. CNN has decided not to air the hostage situation live to avoid any confusion or jump to conclusions as it has done in the past concerning terrorist attacks. Heavily armed local police have surrounded the Lindt Cafe and placed the surrounding buildings, Martin's Place where the cafe is located and the five mile radius on lock down. There are a lot of questions still up in the air. Australia had recently heightened its terror security level along with Britain and the U.S.

Sydney, Australia, a major international city home to famous landmarks and sunny winter weather.

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