Friday, 12 December 2014

Ukrainian govt workers dumped in trash bins

Trash bin lustration on rise across Ukraine

Ukrainian nationalists from Pravy Sector, some neo nazis and thugs have been assaulting and dumping former Ukrainian government workers from former members of Parliament to local city workers into trash bins in Kiev. Most of the former workers have been banned by the current Ukrainian government from ever working in any state institutions again. The ban was done to punish the workers who were associated with the overthrown government of Viktor Yanukovych and accused of corruption and stealing money from the Ukrainian people. The EU has condemned the treatment toward the former government workers. DEspite the critique from the EU, Ukrainian government has warned the right wing thugs and members to stop being "marginal morons" towards some hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who worked with the former government. The current Porchenko government is trying hard to bring Ukraine into the mold of the European Union but its attitudes towards the right wing groups harassing and terrorizing is making EU question Ukraine's commitment to Human rights values. Libya too banned and assaulted former government officials and workers associated with the Gaddhafi government. While the trash bin dumping may be hilarious, it has been going on for two months and the shame and humiliation experienced by workers and parliamentarians feeds into Ukraine's divisive politics and nationalist sentiment.

Almost lynching: Ukrainian radicals throw officials into trash bins

Waste Bucket Challenge by Ukrainian volunteers against a corrupt politicians

Vitaly Zhurvasky thrown in dumpster accused of corruption

Nestor Shufrych attacked and beaten in Odessa. 
He's a former minister of emergencies and parliamentarian. Even with a police officer present, Shufrych still suffered head injuries and scuffles with thugs

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