Thursday, 11 December 2014

Zaid Abu Ein: Even a minister isn't safe from the IDF

Palestinian Minister Zaid Abu Ein died during a non violent protest against the Israeli occupation yesterday near Ramallah after joining a small group of peacefual protesters marching against illegal Israeli settlements/colonies eating up Palestinian land. He was grabbed by the throat by an IDF soldier, shoved back and later choked on tear gas that was fired by IDF soldiers to disperse the crowd. Israeli military is trying to downplay the Abu Ein's confrontation with soldiers. Jerusalem Post has gone so far as to call the minister the favorite word of terrorist despite the peaceful methods used by ministers and other protesters during the demonstration.

Weekly non violent demonstrations are taking place across occupied West Bank against the occupation, continual construction of illegal Israeli settlements and violence by Israeli military and settlers. Still Israeli military and police use excessive force no different from American police. Violence towards Palestinians are often carried out by settlers both youth and adults using price tag attacks involving fires and vandalism by settlers on Palestinian lands, mosques, schools, houses and lives. IDF soldiers often turn a blind eye and have protected settlers from persecution for attacking and assaulting Palestinians or fighting and shooting at Palestinians or cursing foreign protesters who join Palestinians and Israeli peace activists in the weekly demonstrations. The most famous of the weekly non violent protests is Bilin and other smaller Palestinian towns across the West Bank.

Weekly Friday protests by the village of Bilin

5 Broken Cameras: Film about Iyad Burnot's struggle to simply record the non violent protests in Bilin

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