Monday, 5 January 2015

Dresden Popular right wing and anti Islam protests

Dresden in Eastern Germany has witnessed several fifteen thousand strong protests on a near daily basis for over three months now. Disgruntled protesters ranging from unemployed young people, students, men, workers, women and even kids have gathered in Dresden and other German cities and towns to protest against the Islamization of Germany and Europe led by the popular PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans against Islamization of the West) organization. In the wake of ISIS' determination to outgun and beat NATO styled airstrikes, capturing Jordian pilots and murdering innocent people including hostages, the media images of Western youth going to fight with ISIS and returning from Syria battle harden and equally traumatized has raised the fear and anxiety of many Western countries. It has also raised anxiety in neighboring Levant and North Africa.

Anti-Islam and opposition protesters, police clash

The German government is not the only group frightened over ISIS, ordinary Germans too are panicking. Anger and rage over ISIS in Germany has turned into protests against Islam and Muslims in general. Now the anti-Islam protests have been aimed at immigrants or migrants in Germany who have lived in Germany for years but who are being lumped into a monstrous image of ISIS sleeper cells threatening Germany and Europe. German Muslims continue to protest against ISIS and radical takfiris and their cousins for months and years. PEGIDA, right wing organizations and neo nazi groups are taking full advantage of the tens of thousands of Germans clashing with police in anti-Islam and anti-migrant sentiments in streets. Anti-fascist groups, multicultural advocates and left and center activists have also joined against the anti-Islam protests seeing at as a stain on Germany's tolerance and recalling the days of Nazism's rise in pre-World War II Germany. German Muslims are feeling the backlash from returning, battle harden takfiri countrymen who have reached the point of no return. German imams have condemned the takfiri returnees as dangerous to all societies regardless of religion and ethnicity. Despite the condemnation, some residents of Dresden continue to protests and unleash their frustrations of feeling vulnerable to terrorist attacks and national security protocols not doing enough to safeguard the country from future and potential attacks. Denmark has taken a unique approach to rehabilitating its returning ex combatant citizens from Syria.

Dresden sees protests geared towards anti-Immigration 

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