Friday, 9 January 2015

Ending a nightmare scenario

In honor of cartoonists with their mighty pens and pencils

Day 2 from the Charlie Hebdo attack. France is trying to put itself spiritually and physically back together again to return to normalcy. In scenes bringing to mind a Jason Bourne or high tension action flick, the French counter terrorism GIGN and local Paris police were able to successfully locate the Kouachi brothers. The two brothers managed to seek refuge in a Kosher warehouse in a tiny town of 1000 people named Dammartin en Goele some distances outside Paris for a little over a day. The police didn't make the mistake of letting the brothers escape twice. After taking a hostage, they were surrounded on all sides by GIGN who shot both men dead in the early morning hours of Friday Paris time to the relief of France. Parallel to the Kouachis' cornering and death was a secondary hostage crisis at a Kosher grocery store in Vincennes eastern Paris. A third hostage taker connected to the three gunmen, Amedy Coulibal, held several people as hostages inside a Jewish grocery store in Vincennes, Eastern Paris. A whole army of heavily armed GIGN units surrounded the supermarket soon after in a rescue operation that was captured on live TV and beamed to the rest of the world. Sadly four hostages were killed and Coulibal was also killed via bullets and flash bang grenades. Among the hostages were many women who raced out of the building as the GIGN stormed it. School children and residents surrounding the grocery store were safely evacuated by the police.

BFMTV: Les images d l'assaut de GIGN en Vincennes

The Paris suburbs have received constant scrutiny since Tuesday as the French and international media have come to dissect and again ask how, why and what could've been done to prevent the attack. Experts are now stating Islam definitely needs reforms more than ever. Muslims from France and across the world including the Middle East are condemning the attacks and have shown their support for the Charlie Hebdo victims and solidarity with France. Nevertheless, the debate returns back to "radical" Islam and terrorism. The media has magnified less the 1% of takfiris and wahhabis who have abused and misused Islamic teachings and Quran to justify horrific violence and terrorist attacks against Muslims and Christians to ask why Islam (seeming to place the religion itself on trial) is invoked in brutal attacks on innocent people by ISIS, Al Qaeda and other groups.

Dammartin en Goele: l'assault mene l'sur

Once more questions are being raised of how security forces in France and across Western countries could let known terror suspects slip through the huge security and intelligence surveillance disrupting the lives of everyday activities. The Koauchi Brothers as Mohamed Merah a few years ago, Tsarneav brothers in Boston and briefly Anders Breivik managed to disappear into the crowd of fellow countrymen and move around outside the capital city. The French police (gendermarie, local city police and GIGN) have been combing Paris suburbs and searching for the brothers. Hamyd Mourad the getaway driver, turned himself over to police yesterday. Strangely, his schoolmates have come forward to mention that Hamyd might have been at school during the Tuesday attacks. Its an alibi that is raising some eyebrows and have people scratching their heads. The two brothers were known to police for years and even an investigative report filmed 10 years prior. Now its confirmed that all three terrorists with the exception of Hamyd Mourad and Coulibal's partner Hayat Boumediene are dead. The nightmare is over but it has raised the terror levels and fears of neighboring countries.

Populist Alliance: Europe in danger?

The public fears the Right Wing organizations and groups will use the attacks to introduce more draconian security policies and measures.  New security policies will likely target French Muslims, people of African descendant and other diverse backgrounds via strict security screenings, racial profiling, racism and xenophobia. Marine Le Pen has broken her silence meeting with President Francois Hollande to suggest reviving France's use of the death penalty for terrorist suspects. Mainstream media is also aware of right wing populism and politicians across Europe who have won support from the public's fears of future, brutal terrorist attacks coupled with the Eurzone's rising inflation and slumping markets. Le Pen also called for stripping French Muslims who become radicalized of their citizenship without hesitation. In Germany including Dresden and Koln, PEGIDA continues to protest using the terrorist attack in Paris to remain Germany as a whole of the dangerous Kouachi brothers and ISIS pose to the whole of Europe and Western countries. The same message has been reiterated in the United States, UK, Canada and Israel. Instead of calming the public's anxiety, the head of MI5 recently said, "Al Qaeda is planning mass casualty events against the West." 

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