Thursday, 1 January 2015

Palestine a State of its own

Once again Palestine has been shut down by the Security Council's big Israel first supporters United States and Australia. However its demand and push for recognition as a state is not an entire lost. The French Parliament recently recognized Palestine as a state joining a few lone EU members and the majority of the world who has long recognized Palestinians' right to self determination and national sovereignty. Palestine has taken the same road as South Sudan and Catalunya. Its next step is putting in a membership request with the International Criminal Court. The signs are pointing in favor of Palestine's right to exist. Israel's stubborn refusal to compromise or reach final negotiations on ending its near 50 year long occupation of occupied East Jerusalem, Gaza and West Bank has opened the world's eyes permanently and demanding justice for Palestinians today and not tomorrow.

French Parliament votes for Palestine's recognition as a state while land grabs by Israel continues on Palestinian lands

Thank God, Its Friday:

Non Violence and protest in occupied Palestine by Palestinians, Israelis and foreigne

Mother Palestine confronting Israeli occupation forces as drawn by Latuff

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