Friday, 27 February 2015

Cameroon and Chad pummeling Boko Haram

While the Nigerian Army regroups and reassess its challenging terrain in Maiduguru and surrounding provinces, Cameroonian and Chadian troops have stepped up full force fighting against Boko Haram. The insurgent turned terrorist organizations is taking every opportunity and advantage to create hell on earth for Nigeria. Cameroon and Chad are feeling the heavy ripple effects of Boko's deadly terror attacks on ordinary women and children from Maiduguru, Chibok, Kano and Yobe. Ordinary Nigerians have fled their homes and schools to border towns and refugee camps in Chad and Cameroon. Cameroonian troops are battling Boko Haram insurgents on the border including rescuing foreign nationals and the Cameroonian VP's wife. Cameroonians will not allow Boko Haram to destroy the country. Chad is also weary of Boko Haram pulling the country into another neighboring conflict. Chadian troops are currently serving on African Union peacekeeping mission in Central African Republic or Centrafrique. The AU mission is joined by an official yet self proclaim military mission by a 2,000+ French soldiers under Operation Sangris. France has been eyeballing and making certain that CAR's natural resources stays in its reach as France relies on uranium, diamonds and oil for its electricity and reserves. Back to Chad. Chadian troops are cooperating with Cameroon and Nigeria to pummel Boko Haram from forces at all three borders. Chad has also experience the tumult dog insurgency. The first insurgency occurred in the mid 1960s when rebel forces in Northern Chad complained of marginalization and neglect by the government in the capital in Ndjemena. France intervened then and again during the Toyota Wars between Chad and Libya over territorial claims to the Azouzou Strip. In recent times, Sudan has accused Chad of supporting rebels groups across Sudan. Chad has also called out Sudan for supporting long standing Chadian rebels and creating refugee crisis.

The African Union has formed  7,000 strong man mission to battle Boko Haram. The countries on call for the deployment are Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Chad and Benin representing a mini ECOWAS intervention group. 

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