Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Seisimic Outrage against ISIS following Al Kasasbeh's Death

A child a daily candle light vigil for pilot

Jordan mourns Pilot's death

ISIS has shot itself in the foot. The heinous and brutal murder of Jordanian pilot Moaz al Kasasbeh has reverberated around the world with calls for revenge against ISIS. Jordanians (both civilian and military members) took to the streets in Amman denouncing ISIS and its takfiri supporters for their well documented violence. Al Kasasbeh's father joined protesters calling for ISIS' annihilation without mercy. Jordanian government is seeking to avenge his son and countless others' deaths. Jordan has already executed Sajida al Rishawi, the female Iraqi suicide bomber and another terror suspect on death row. It was reported that the online video of Al Kasasbeh's death was committed January 3rd to the shock of Al Kasasbeh's family. The Coalition countries have responded in kind by upping the levels of airstrikes against ISIS targets regardless if there are civilians on the ground in Syria and Iraq. France is currently flying recon missions against Boko Haram on Nigerian/Chad borders. ISIS' irrationality even turned the boogeyman of terror, Al Qadea away from it. Even the most extreme of Wahhabi preachers and clerics in Saudi Arabia or the kingdom (where ISIS' ideology emerges from) are enraged by the cruelty. One of the oldest universities in the world, the legendary Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt has called for ISIS to be "murdered and crucified" as its actions goes against Islamic teachings and is condemned widely in the Quran. In Islam, its forbidden to burn bodies even self immolation (burning one's self as few buddhists and protesters do in signs of protest) is considered crossing the boundaries of what is permissible. Killing one human being in Islam as in Christianity and Judaism is equivalent to killing all of humanity while taking the life of a Muslim is betrayal in its purest form. ISIS has already proven it has no humane recognition for Muslin, Yazidi, Christian or Jewish or secular lives. Many Muslims from all sects (its not just Sunni-Shia) have been killed in the hundreds to thousands by ISIS' extreme unbelievable destruction and killings. As Al Kasasbeh was burned in a cage, in the de facto capital Raqqah, ISIS supporters some as young as eight cheered, numbed to horrific scene. ISIS relies on a psychological warfare as much as physical operations to grab the world's attention. It knows that its actions brings about a world wide response and it pushes ordinary people's disgust and anxieties to breaking points.

Relatives of Moaz Al Kasasbeh hold up posters in hopes the pilot would be returned days before.

Many countries are trying to keep their citizens especially unemployed and frustrated youth both women and men from joining ISIS. France recently released an Anti ISIS film on the realities of joining the group. Meanwhile Canada halted what it regards as a possible mini ISIS terror sympathetic cell. Saudi Arabia too is trying to turn its returning fighters and future youth away from ISIS. Although the kingdom is the main one who gave birth to the extreme ideology and operations of ISIS. The United Arab Emirates have halted their bombings fearing their pilots and military personnel could easily face the same fate as Al Kasasbeh. Eventually, the UAE will possibly send its troops home.

Until their voices turn hoarse, imams, scholars, Islamic organization officials and leaders from around the world will continue to denounce ISIS and its actions. It should be reiteratated for the millionth time that ISIS is not in any way representative of even a small group of religious Muslims nor does ISIS' actions represent 1.3 billion Muslims across the world. 

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