Thursday, 23 April 2015

Ethiopia: Pain of Lost

Men who were loved: Families of two Ethiopian men murdered by ISIS in Libya. Image is from VOA Voice of America


As migrants from Ethiopia are recuperating after being rescued by the Costiera Guardia in Sicily ie Italy, back home in Ethiopia, the nation is in mourning. Less than a week ago, ISIS Takfiri terrorists killed 30 Ethiopian Christians on the beach in Libya. Mimicking the earlier deaths of Coptic Egyptians, Ethiopian Christians were shown in orange jumpsuits in online videos kneeling in front of masked men and later had their faces pushed into the sandy beach as they said their final prayers. The families in Addis Ababa and elsewhere are in undescribable grief that won't end even after the burials of their love ones. Ethiopia is home to both Christians and Muslims who have lived side by side for centuries. Despite all the chaos and wars in neighboring countries, Ethiopians of both religions have treated each other with respect and understanding. Both religious groups are equally condemning and coming together to aid the nation in aftermath of national tragedy. The Ethiopian Orthodox Christian church is one of the oldest Christian communities in the world and in Africa. Ethiopians played an early role in Christianity's early years. Ethiopia also gets honorable mentions in first years of Islam. Grief has slowly transformed into anger as mourners protest against the national government's nonchalant approach to Ethiopian citizens being caught up in tragedy in Libya and on the high seas.

PS: Ethiopian women and men also make up a small minority of migrant workers in United Arab Emirates. Thousand workers have sent remittances back to family in Ethiopia.

Ancient Ethiopian architecture, religion and culture

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